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#6: The Shortcuts of Making Money Online

For me, the first thing I lay my hands on is my smartphone. And you know why? It because the buzzing sound on my alarm wakes me up a 5:30AM every morning and from that time onward it keeps popping up my daily to-dos which include: warning up (brush my teeth, take breakfast etc.), do my income producing activities, connect with friends and family and improve myself daily because that’s the only way to change my tomorrow. Someone once said “tomorrow will be like today if you do nothing for a change. Life wastes itself whilst we are preparing to live.” You need to stop preparing and start living by working towards a change tomorrow. Renewing the mind regularly positively is the best way to be transformed, to a character that will be able to prove what is good, and acceptable, and perfect.

That alone tells me there are problems to solved for mobile phones and inspires me to learn to code so I would be able to build mobile applications and websites or be able to maintain that which has been built already instead of reinventing the wheel; Write post to solve peoples information problem; And run a small tech support firm where I help fix the smartphones and system problems.

All you need to do right now is highlight the opportunities around you and you will be amazed at the exciting opportunities you will discover to meet people’s needs. It’s simple because you now know the shortcut to get it done which is CTRL A. Put that to action and read on the next shortcut.

ii.                   Ctrl F: Find a productive area that you are passionate about

Knowing your area of strength is a shortcut to your way up; a shortcut to achieving that financial freedom you desire; is the invisible fire that keeps your dreams burning and bringing them to reality with little effort. Some call it soaring anyway. Your passion is your area of strength, give it your best. When you put in 80 percent of your time to your best 20 percent you’re passionate about. Believe me; you will harvest 80 percent productive results… Read more

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