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#7: The Shortcuts of Making Money Online

What is that one thing you are willing to do if someone wakes you up in the middle of the night? By that, I am not talking about when your spouse wakes you up. No, although, that is also productive on the part of bearing children who will carry on your legacy. What is that dream, vision etc. that keeps you awake all night? That’s what you are passionate about – that’s your area of strength.

Wake me in the middle of the night to go a thousand miles with you on tech-related issues. Believe me, I will go two thousand and even ten thousand miles if that’s what is required to get your problem solved. And guess what. I will do it with all pleasure whether I get paid or not (most times I don’t really care about getting paid) because that is how I build my (IT Consulting) reputation wherever I find myself. No wonder the calls keep coming along with all the benefits of being a problem solver. That’s what I’m passionate about – that’s my area of strength.

Now, you have been able to apply the first shortcut to highlight the opportunities around you (Ctrl A). From all you have gathered so far, what areas are you passionate about – to make products available to consumers or what services do you want to render to the people of this era where everything is going mobile. Ponder on that for a while before moving on to the next shortcut.

iii.                   Ctrl X: Focus on the productive aspect (by setting it apart for action)

In windows, the shortcut command Ctrl X is used to cut out – moving that which is selected to a separate directory the user wants it to be placed. That is exactly what we are going to apply as principal to focus our attention to that which is more profiting. Let me assume you already have a big picture of people’s needs you can meet as explained in the first shortcut of this chapter and can point out the areas you are passionate about in helping people solve those problems. If I am right then, you are to move to Ctrl X which is about you being focused on the productive areas of your passion… Read more

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