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#8: The Shortcuts of Making Money Online

Learning from other people’s experience has thought me that your passion sometimes doesn’t turn out to be more productive in terms of earning a living from it (when you make them your profession in the wrong direction). Sometimes we put more energy on that which pays less simply because we are passionate about them.

Now you are going to prioritize your passion from the top five opportunities you have chosen in the order of the one that pays off the most. If you don’t know how to prioritize for now, then you will understand better as you read on to the chapter that talks about figures will motivate you (how to create a business plan financial tables). For now, you might want to arrange them in these order:

PRODUCTS                                        ANNUAL PROFIT

·         Selling of tooth brushes online                              $50,000

·         Selling of electronic gadgets online and offline                                                                                                  $40,000

·         Fashion sales online                                                $35,000

·         Smartphones                                                            $30,000

·         Fashion sales offline                                               $28,000

NOTE: This is just a flow of how to prioritize yours and not how it would turn out to be when you get involved. You might probably earn more than that in any area of your choice.

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