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#9: The Shortcuts of Making Money Online

Looking at what we have above you will agree with me that selling toothbrushes is the real calling of Mr. A should he decide to follow an income producing passion. But should he decide to follow his passion for gadgets or smartphones then, Mr. A is not to profit much from his sales. And we are talking about doing the product/services you are passionate about. So that is where you need to put in much energy to get things done. Remember: “when you put in 80 percent of your time to your best 20 percent you’re passionate about you will harvest 80 percent productive results.” Your best 20 percent, in this case, is that passion that brings more return.

iv.                   Ctrl V (Paste): Apply the knowledge you have acquired

Beginning from your kindergarten days you have been thought that knowledge is power and you have (if wise enough) work hard academically to get those powers. Well, sorry to burst your bobbles because knowledge isn’t the potential power. It is the knowledge that is intelligently applied and is productive that is power.

Now is the time to apply that knowledge that you have acquired. Here I named the shortcut Ctrl V known as paste command in Microsoft Windows. That’s exactly what you are going to do – paste that knowledge into action.

However, you need not worry much if you have little or no knowledge on Online Marketing and or the Blogosphere. That’s my area of strength; that’s what I am passionate about. Let my learning process and experience be your best teacher in the following chapters as you read on… Read more


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