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Sony is enabling cross-play between “Fortnite” on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

On Wednesday, Sony announced that cross-play for Fortnite on PS4 will now be available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch systems. Before, PS4 owners could only play Fortnite with players on Android, iOS, and PC. However, Sony has now discovered a means to offer cross-play for “certain third-party content” following a “comprehensive review process.” This puts an end to a months-long debate that started at E3 2018 in June.

In order to facilitate cross-platform gaming, progression, and commerce across PS4, Android, iOS, Switch, Xbox One, Windows, and Mac operating systems, Sony says the first stage in this process will be an open beta that launches today. In other words, you may play Fortnite with anybody on any device that supports the game.

According to John Kodera, President and Global CEO of SIE, “For 24 years, we have worked to provide the finest gaming experience to our players by offering a distinctly PlayStation perspective.”
“Today, the fan bases for some games have developed to the point where cross-platform interactions provide players with a considerable benefit.”
As a result, as we move to open up the platform, we have conducted a detailed review of the business mechanisms necessary to guarantee that the PlayStation experience for our consumers is preserved both now and in the future.

One of the main worries for players was the inability to link an Epic Games account that has already been linked to a PSN account to an Xbox Live account or a Nintendo account.
This means that no matter what console or device you use, any progress or purchases you make will now be carried over to other platforms.
Because more online games will undoubtedly follow suit, it also offers a look into the future of gaming.
Although Sony hasn’t yet revealed any further titles that will be able to benefit from the new policy change (Rocket League? ), if this beta is a success, the floodgates may soon open.

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