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Most Fascinating Bridge Of All Times – Top 10

Bridges are structures built to span physical obstacles and aid movement over obstacles such as Valley, road, and a large body of water. It regularly comes in diverse forms and design depending on the purpose of the bridge, the nature of the topography where the bridge is built, materials used and available, and the funds accessible to build it.

Did you know that bridges have been in existence since the 13th Century BC? In today’s article, we will take you down the list of top 10 beautiful and fascinating bridges the world has got.



10. Tower Bridge: London, England

The tower bridge was officially opened in the year 1894, 30th June precisely by the prince of Wales and has continued to be in use till date filled with many iconic landmarks.

In the final scenes of ‘’Sherlock Holmes’’ one of Hollywood blockbusters, the bridge came to play in the peak of the movie.

9. Nanpu Bridge: Shanghai, China

Claiming the 9th position on this article is the Nanpu bridge which was built with the intention to save space. Well known for its funky and inventive spiral style.

8. Hangzhou Bay Bridge: Zhejiang, China

Perfectly occupying the 8th position is the world’s longest trans-oceanic bridge of 35-kilometers which connects the Chinese municipalities of Jiaxing and Ningbo in Zhejiang province with over 600 experts spending nine (9) years designing it.

7. Akashi-Kaikyo or Pearl Bridge: Kobe-Naruto, Japan

This bridge presently occupies the ‘’world’s longest Suspension Bridge’’ having a distance of 1,991 meters.

Since the year 1998, the pearl bridge has remained the world’s longest bridge in existence. In the year 1995 January 17 precisely the bridge survived the Kobe Earthquake before it was officially opened.

6. Tsing Ma Bridge: Hong Kong, China

This bridge is the first to have dual decks and carry both road and rail traffic and happens to be the largest Suspension bridge the world has got.

 In the year 1997, the Tsing Ma bridge was officially inaugurated after standing serials of test due to the powerful typhoons experienced in Hong Kong. Its total was is approximately $920 million (HK$7.2 billion).

Getting More Curious? Let’s Go Down the Top 5

5. Gateshead Millennium Bridge: Gateshead, England

Amazingly, this bridge is the only and first tilting bridge. But the most Fascinating thing is that its design has won numerous awards since it was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth in the year 2002.

4. Brooklyn Bridge: New York City, United States

The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic feature of New York and is one the oldest deferral bridges in the united states with a National Historic Landmark. Finally, it was completed in the year 1883.

3. Ponte Vecchio: Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio is majorly known for having shops such as Art dealers, jewelers, and souvenir sellers – the bridge goes over the Arno River and it has been Europe’s oldest stone, closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge.

Notwithstanding, Throughout the world war II the bridge was not wrecked by the Nazis unlike the other bridges in Europe. It is also stunning and has an amusing history dating back to the time of the Romans.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge: Sydney, Australia

This arch-based design was nicknamed ‘’The Coat Hanger’’ by the residents of Sydney and officially opened in the year 1932 and is a central point of Aussie pride and festivities.

The bridge is used for firework displays during the New Year’s Eve and it offers bridge climbers the platform too.

1. Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco, United States

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most recognized bridge in the world and now 75 years in existence. While some may be stimulated by the industrial age deferral bridge design.  


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