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Top 10 Tourist Attraction In Nigeria

The word Tourism is a preference or business; also, the philosophy and practice of touring, the business of enticing, welcoming, and humorous tourists, and the business of functioning tours. They also exhibit historical worth and outstanding beauty capable of fascinating the public.

Today’s case study is Nigeria – yes Nigeria. It might seem shocking to you but yes, there are lots of fun, relaxing and breath-taking places you can visit in Nigeria. such places also serve as a means of educating and enlightening the tourist on the significant historical event that took place at a specific time.

Top 10 places to visit in Nigeria

1. Olumo Rock – Ogun State

This rock is located in Abeokuta. It has always been a stopping point for all tourist in Nigeria and like the name ‘’Abeokuta’’ implies ‘’under the rock’’. This rock has and still serves as a fortress for the people of Egba Land ever since the 19th century. It has other side attractions like a broken walk path, gardens on the rock, natural tunnels etc.

2. Yankari Game Reserve – Bauchi State

In the heart of Bauchi State is the Yankari Game reserve with numerous activities to participate in that will give you a thrill. Its filled with a huge herd of elephants the country has got – get ready for fun activities such as the safari tour and sightseeing the tropical forest. The game reserve is also filled with different species of animals such as roan antelope, patas monkey, olive baboon, western hartebeest.

3. Lekki Conservation Centre – Lagos State

This conservation center is one of the best nature reserves Nigeria has got, it also offers a breath of fresh air and creates a relaxing atmosphere. The Lekki Conservation Centre is managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and is over 78 hectares of land and is approximately 21 years of existence. With these features, your tour is sure a fun one.

4. Zuma Rock – Abuja

The rock is known for its unique feature which is having the face of a human located in Madalla, Niger State to Northern Abuja precisely. The Zuma rock was once regarded as the undisputable guard of F.C.T. It is the sandy disguise which dangles like a haze over zuba town.   

Another unique feature of the Zuma Rock is that it catches fire during heavy rainfall which is within the period of April and October.

5. Hi-Impact Planet – Lagos State

 Located in Lagos State Nigeria is the Hi-Impact Planet which offers an existing fun time for people of all age, a place to hang out with family, friends and loved ones – with numerous fun activities such as rides, games, and other forms of entertainment.

6. Aso Rock – Abuja

The Aso Rock is situated in Abuja which is the federal capital of the country and is about 400 meter. The rock is home to three major seats of power which includes The Presidential Villa (Aso rock villa), the Supreme Court, and the National Assembly. Significantly, the Presidential Villa is the only building in the valley of the rock.

7. Agodi Gardens – Oyo State

The Agodi Gardens occupies approximately 150 acres of land, a beautiful park filled with serenity and situated in Ibadan precisely. Significantly, it is mainly visited during the festive seasons by families and friends within the country.

8. Kajuru Castle – Kaduna State

This Kajuru Castle was built a luxurious Medieval – German style which is over 3 decades of existence. It is designed with bedrooms exhibited after dungeons and several towers with defended walls.

Other features include a 4-room guest tower, the main building with a knights’ hall and a master suite. Also, it has a pool for relaxation and an amusing view of the nearby mountain.

9. Nike Art Gallery – Lagos State

A rear and splendid five-story building coated in spotless white, outstanding in its surrounding is the Nike Art Gallery. Fence with usual marbles and cover with diverse artistic captions and drawings.

Added to its special features are the stone sculptures, hanging craftworks, and tie-dye workshop.

10. Tarkwa Bay Beach – Lagos State

This beach is home to swimmers and water sports like surfing with a homely resident. It is usually not crowded which makes it a beautiful place to chill with family and friends.     




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