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How to Bypass Google verification on Samsung A3 A5 A7 android version 7.0 Nougat

The steps to unlock these devices will be shown below. Please follow the steps correctly to avoid any mistake.

Step 1:

Make sure the Device is connected to a wireless connection. Well, we all know you can’t access the phone yet.

Step 2:

Now, go back to the Welcome screen and press the Emergency Call you see below the next button and try calling any emergency number 991, 911, or 112 and press the call button, make sure you have a Bluetooth device next to you, either a Bluetooth speaker that can receive calls and also make calls with.

Step 3:

Now the call feature will be shown to you and you will see the Bluetooth symbol just press it and it will take you to the Bluetooth settings so you can turn on the Bluetooth. Now make sure the Bluetooth speaker is ready to pair with the phone and pair the phone with the Bluetooth speaker.

Step 4:

After connecting the Bluetooth speaker small dialog box will be shown to you below asking you to “Complete Action Using either Google App or another app which will be shown to you”. Just go ahead to click on the Google App.

Step 5:

After that the Google Assistants bot will pop up for you, just speak to it and say anything like photos after that click on the search bar and search to “Calculator”.  After typing that the phone calculator will be shown to you, click on it and press the code combinations in the calculator “ (+30012012732+ ”, after pressing the last sign which is the plus sign another app which looks like a calculator will be shown to you.

Step 6:

Now, type this code combination inside the app “*#0808# ”, after pressing the last sign in the calculator, you will be taken to another place named “USB settings”, now click on “DM + ACM + ADB” after clicking that click on “Reboot” and wait for the phone to reboot.

Step 7:

Now make sure you have downloaded FRP Bypass Tools for pc and extract the file to any destination you can remember. Now plug your USB cable to your Pc and plug it to your Smartphone as well, a dialog box will appear, now check on the “always allow from this connection” and click OK.

Step 8:

Now go to your Pc and open the folder where you extracted the FRP file to. You will see a program inside of it with the name “frp removal checked” and double click on it, wait for it to open. A program with the name “GSM Flasher ADB Bypass FRP Tool” will be opened to you and the same dialog box will appear on your phone, do the same I told you to do on Step 7.

Step 9:

Now wait for the program to detect your phone, now click on “Remove” and wait for it to process. Some permission will be shown to you just click on accept or run, anything you see there that is to allow the program to do what it want to do, just be patient and wait for it to run.

Step 10:

After running it will show an alert box saying “Done”. Click on it and immediately your phone will be unlocked and will display your phone launcher fully.

Please make sure you follow the steps carefully and correctly so you won’t make any mistake while doing this.

Note: if you come across any issue while doing this, please don’t ignore just drop your comment and we will be online to help you. Thank  you for reading


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