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Android Users Maybe Lossing 10gb Of Data From Their Smartphones Per Month

According to research done by Oracle, they recently discovered that there have been apps which are been affected by dangerous codes which are consuming a lot of data approximately 10gb per month.

Android users are also complaining that their smartphones batteries have been draining at an amazing speed, which is very annoying to many people. Knowing that they bought smartphones with a very good and powerful battery supply but now they are experiencing odd things.

Oracle said: an ad fraud may have ended up consuming millions of Android users’ data and having an impact on their devices’ battery life as well. As per a Washington Post report, this code was called “DrainerBot” and – without the users’ knowledge – downloaded gigabytes of video ads to users’ smartphone via apps that were infected by this bot.

More research done by Oracle showed that there were hundreds of apps which have been downloaded 1 million times on Google Play Store and they are affected by this fraud ad.

Google took this issue serious knowing that these apps were all in the play store which is own by Google. They decided to blacklist all the apps listed by oracle which were affected by this fraud. Knowing that Google takes security seriously, I am sure they are going to find a solution to this problem soon.


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