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Apple Sued $31 Million By Qualcomm

The biggest chip-makers are seeking the sum of $31 million from Apple. It was reported by the Qualcomm company that Apple violated its intellectual property rights. The case is still fresh in the US court and it’s still ongoing.

CNET Reported on Friday that the court is focused on three Qualcomm technology patents, which the company claims Apple used on their iPhone’s without permission. It actually shows that even one of the biggest tech companies can also violate rules kept.

According to Qualcomm “The figure is based on $1.40 per allegedly infringed iPhone” they continued by saying “One patent allows a smartphone to connect to the internet once the internet is turned on”.

With more case and issue to this, the company still issued that “ another patent deals with the graphics processing and battery life and the other lets apps on the phone download data easily without stress making ease of downloading.


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