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Google Wants Tasks to Handle all Users Reminders

Google has introduced some of the often demanded Tasks features, putting efforts in making it the “one destination to track what you need to do in G Suite.” If you edit or create a task from within the Calendar on the Web–you’ll need to activate the Tasks for Calendar for the option to be displayed on the side menu–you will see a field simply tagged “Add date/time” to set a reminder and indicate its recurrence.

When your specified time you entered reaches, it will trigger up a calendar notification on the desktop.  You will equally receive a notification on your mobile device from the Tasks application. And in a case when you forget to select the entry as completed, you will get a notification for the second time at 9AM the next day.

Furthermore, you can also now import reminders from Gmail or Inbox, Calendar and Assistant. The Tasks app will show you a dialog prompt asking you if you’d like to import existing reminders at the time when you fire it up,  you can also do this manually, by Simply accessing the overflow menu that is within the Tasks option in Calendar then select “Copy reminders to Tasks.”

Note that it is only a one-time import, and those entries would not be synchronizing with counterparts in other Google Suite programs when edited — as a matter of fact, Google is rolling out all these changes to encourage its users to use Tasks for all their reminders.


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