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Here’s How To Keep Your Banana From Turning Brown

It is possible to save your bananas from getting brown by simply trying this handy tip to help them remain yellow for a longer time.

All you need do is to wrap the top of the banana bunch or preferably the stem of each banana with a plastic cling film. wrapping the banana with this plastic wrap will prevent ethylene gas (that the fruit naturally gives-off) from ripening banana too quickly. Yes, It is as simple as that.

In a situation where you wrap the steam of the whole bunch and you need to pluck out a banana, ensure you re-cover the newly opened stem to keep them continually fresh.

Bananas wrapped in cling film

Bananas like many other fruits naturally release the ethylene gas – which helps to control the ripening and browning and his gas is naturally released from the stems. 

Therefore, wrapping the stem helps prevents the gas from escaping, hence, slows down the ripening process.

It would not ultimately prevent contact with the ethylene gas, but it will slow down the process of your fruit turning brown. This can help your bananas to remain fresh for 3-4 days longer than the norm.

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