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How to Bypass Google Account Verification (FRP) on Redmi Note 7 Pro without PC


Step 1: Turn on the
device and you will see the welcome screen with an arrow button.


Step 2: Click on the
button and now choose your language and region and now you need to connect to a
wireless network (WIFI).


Step 3: Now after that you
need to accept all the terms and conditions and click next and you will be ask
to insert SIM Card just click next button and now you need to wait for it to


Step 4: While loading
you will be asked to copy apps and data, just click Don’t copy and wait for it
to continue loading.


Step 5: Now you will be
asked to confirm your pattern or pin anyone that was on the phone before you
formatted it.


Step 6: Now choose use
Google account instead and wait for it to load.


Step 7: Now you will be
taken to the Google verify your account screen, now press the back button until
you are taken back to the wireless network screen.


Step 8: You will see “Add
Network” below it, click on it and now you need to type in any random text you
there and now select all the text.


Step 9: After selecting
all the text you will see some options above it, now you will see an upload
icon at the right side, click on it.


Step 10: After clicking
it you will see some apps, now click on “Messaging”, when you get to where you
need to compose a text message, clear all those random text you added you type
in “”.


Step 11: Now select all
the text again and you will see an icon that looks like two things holding each
other it’s right after the search icon, press it and you will be taken to the
YouTube application.


Step 12: Now if you are
asked to update, click No thanks, and now click on the profile icon at the top
right corner of the screen and you will see “Terms & privacy policy” click
on it.


Step 13: Now you will
be taken to a web browser, and now you need to type in this URL “”
and press enter.


Step 14: Now you need
to download two apps from that site which are “Android 8-9 GAM” and “FRP Bypass”.


Step 15: After
downloading these two apps, you need install Android 8-9 GAM first and after
the installation press done.


Step 16: Now you need
to install FRP Bypass and after the installation, press open and when the app
open you will see where you will be asked to enter a password.


Step 17: Don’t enter
any password, just look at the top right corner of the phone and you will see a
three dotted line.


Step 18: Now click on
it and you will see browser sign-in, now click on it and you will be taken to
the Google sign-in page.


Step 19: Now sign-in
your Google account and after signing in the app will close, now restart you
phone and you won’t be asked to verify your account anymore.


Thanks for reading and
please if you have any issues with the above process, please drop a comment we
will get to you, or send us an email to “”.


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