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How to Hard or Soft Reset Honor 30 YOUTH

How to Hard or Soft Reset Honor 30 YOUTH

The 30 YOUTH is one of
the most adorable smartphones with incredible features released by Honor having
that perfect: display, RAM, ROM, runs Android OS 9.0 Pie, has long-lasting
battery capacity, connectivity, multiple audios, and video playing format. But if
for any reason you want to hard or soft reset your 30 YOUTH then this is a DIY
guide for you.

Need to go through the phone
specs? You will find full specifications of Honor30 YOUTH here.

Users of Android smartphones like Honor 30 YOUTH
mostly carry out a reset when the device becomes unresponsive or probably when
they want to hand to the Honor 30 YOUTH or related device to someone else as a
gift. But just before you proceed with your device reset do ensure you go
through our
quick fixing guide for camera, Bluetooth, SIM,Wi-Fi, YouTube or other issues that might be the reason you
want to hard or soft reset Honor 30 YOUTH.

before you follow the tips below to hard or soft reset your Honor 30 YOUTH. Do
a backup of your personal data:

Setup an auto or carry out a manual backup regularly of your Honor 30
following our guide here with
data or Wi-Fi connection.

You can
backup your Honor 30 YOUTH offline – without internet connection following the steps provided here.

If the
issue is password related. Be sure to
check our tutorial on how to unlock forgotten 30 YOUTH password without
losing your data

Here are steps on how to hard reset Honor 30 YOUTH:

Step 1: You might want
to backup data because the reset will set your Honor 30 YOUTH back to its
factory mode. Else move to step 2.

Step 2: Ensure that your
Honor 30 YOUTH is charged to a minimum of 50% before you proceed.

Step 3: Hold down the
volume up (or volume down) key and power button simultaneously for thirty (30)
seconds or until the “Android or Honor Logo” shows up.

Step 4: Use to volume
key to Select “Wipe data/factory data reset”.

Step 5: Sit back and
watch your wipe and after reset select “Reboot system now” and use the power
button to accept.

Here is how to soft/factory reset Honor 30 YOUTH:

This option requires
that the device must be in a good working condition which will enable to access
the settings and do the reset.

Turn on the Honor 30
YOUTH if switched off.

Go to Settings

Backup & Reset menu.

Factory data reset.

Press the “Reset phone”

That’s all, your Honor 30
YOUTH will erase everything in it and boot afresh.

Disclaimer: How to hard or soft reset guide for Honor 30 YOUTH by
THEUPSPOT is mainly for education purpose and we are in no way responsible for
any data lost or whatsoever makes your device warranty void. So, we
strongly recommend you first of all try to locate your phone’s support centre
where the issue(s) might be fixed free or low cost. Although, this guide here
is a do it yourself (DIY) free tutorial.


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