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How To Reverse Airtime As Money Back to Your Bank Account When Recharged by Mistake

Mobile is the future that is already here which means we can now do this or that anywhere and or anytime including purchase airtime or carry out bank transactions without having to move an inch from where you are at the moment. The truth is, no one enjoys (except those who go there with other motives of taken selfies) spending minutes, hours just to get money across or walk a distance (especially during unfavorable weather conditions) just to buy an airtime voucher to top-up.


So far, the banks and our mobile network service providers are doing a great job to see to it that everything goes mobile. And with the rollout of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code as well as a mobile application for various banks the whole process has become a lot easier except for little mistakes from users that might occur when they don’t quite understand the process. or they weren’t paying attention (reading through the available options and selecting them accordingly) during the transaction process with USSD code.

Several times, friends and loved ones have made the mistake of topping up airtime on their line instead of sending it to a bank account number. Usually, when the transaction of sending money goes south like that. I either buy the airtime from them (via airtime transfer) or reach out to my friend who buys it with a discount because the person who made the mistake has already received the bonus attached when recharging directly from his/her bank.

This has been how we reverse the money for a very long time till we stumble upon how a recent issue was resolved and the money was reversed back to the bank account and the user was able to resend the money following the right steps to make the transfer to another account where he/she intend to in the first place.


Note: there are two ways on how to get your money to your bank account when you mistakenly recharge instead of making transfer.


Method 1: Here is how to get your money reversed back to your bank account:

Step 1: Do not use the airtime.

Step 2:  Pick up your ATM card if you have one.

Step 3: Turn and look at the back of the ATM Card.

Step 4: You will see the contact (number) information of your bank’s customer care (whichi usually at the back).

Step 5: Dial the number immediately.

Step 6: Explain the erroneous Airtime Topup to them and request for a reversal.

Step 7:   If successful like Kemi said when she had the same issue with UBA: they contacted her mobile network service provider and reversed the airtime purchase.

Step 8:     It’s as easy as steps 1 to 6. That’s all.


Note: The same process applies to any of the banks listed below:

·        Access Bank

·        Citibank

·        Diamond Bank

·        Ecobank

·        Fidelity Bank

·        First Bank

·        First City Monument Bank

·        Guaranty Trust Bank

·        Heritage Bank plc

·        Keystone Bank Limited

·        Skye Bank

·        Sterling Bank

·        Union Bank

·        United Bank for Africa

·        Unity Bank plc

·        Wema Bank

·        Zenith Bank


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