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Microsoft Office is Rolling Out A Simple Video Editor

The internet and social media is now the breeding ground for creativity as there are many chances for anyone no matter the age to harness and become a celebrity. Video is the new rock’n’roll as it has become the lingua franca of the internet, from viral short clips and video responses to indie films and glossy corporate presentations.

Content creation has exploded in recent years, and it’s become even easier to create videos that can be shared for a portfolio, a project, and many more uses. in this view, Microsoft, the software giant is adding a video editor to its mobile app for Office that will allow users to create more than just documents using its office software.

According to a new post in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, a simple video editor will begin rolling out to the Microsoft Office mobile app for Android beginning this month. Microsoft’s new video editor in Office will enable users to create short video clips and of course, edit them before sharing them with the people in their network.

So far, there are several mobile video editing tools for android ranging from PowerDirector to the likes of KineMaster but in all, they perform the same task of creating and editing videos. That could be simple trimming to cut a clip at the appropriate place, or it could involve mixing multiple clips together, changing the soundtrack, and adding a whole bunch of special effects.

In recent times, Microsoft in its drive to maintain its name as the most powerful bundle of productivity tools on the market announced the addition of premium creative content to Office. With this feature, Microsoft 365 users can easily add high-quality, curated images, stickers, and icons to both their personal and professional flies. To get started, simply select Insert, scroll down to Pictures, and click on the Stock Images option. From here, you’ll be able to pick from a wide variety of content in addition to stock images including Cutout People, Icons, and Stickers. All these added features and updates will encourage users to channel their inner visual creativity in a place where they wouldn’t normally expect to be able to do so.

Microsoft’s new update for Office will make it possible for users to create short video clips using its mobile app for Office already installed on their Android smartphones without the need to download additional software.

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