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List of Top 100 Best Smartphones in 2022 with Incredible Features

In recent time we’ve seen upcoming China smartphone manufacturing companies pull out guns in a knife fight with leading brands like showing up dual 48MP rear camera while some top brands still leave their users with 48MP or 24MP cameras believing they will upgrade someday and sell it at an equivalent of a plot of land in Banana Island; What about battery capacity? These new names might probably be in the frontline to come up with a battery you only need to charge once a year.

Still on the fight to take over the phone making business these new names also have airstrike support known as adorable designs and affordable prices. However, most leading brands don’t just sell the name but they also put
in their best to make sure users have the very best experience of whatever they buy.

If for any reason in 2022 you choose to upgrade or buy as a gift something new, adorable, incredibly awesome and that gives users that best experience they need while making use of a smartphone. Then, you should check it out right
from THEUPSPOT (@ or best phones of 2022 and some #TBT from 2021.

Check some below and view the full list here.

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