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5 Reasons Why You Should Blog

Every day thousands of people setup blog and star getting into it. And this get most people puzzled if they really are going to make something out of their blog. Well, here are five reasons most successful bloggers blog that you probably don’t know about.

#1. Need a new hobby:

When you are bored at home, you just gave birth, you just finished with school or you are waiting for a job interview. You can pick up a new hobby move to a new location. That is the perfect time for you to start blogging. If you get busy at any time you can stop blogging. But for the main time if you are bored instead of wasting your time. You can actually put it to good use and add content to the internet – useful content which people would read and maybe benefit from.

#2. Fame:

People do a lot of things for fame these days like trying to talk to celebrities, try to see if they can get retweet. But if you have your own blog, you kind of create the opportunity for you to be your own celebrity just like having a YouTube channel. Although, most people do it for the same reason, fame comes with blogging. If you are a very popular blogger. If you write good content that you have a lot of subscribers and people read your content a lot. If you write something that appeals to your audience. Naturally, people are going to know your name like you already know some of the top brands in the industry when comes to blogging, for instance, the Linda Ikeji we know in Nigeria.

#3. Improve your writing skill:

If you are like maybe you have left school for a very long time, you don’t have much time to read content and improve your vocabulary. Exposing yourself to blogging is going to make you actually start writing. Not as a real writer but you will be exposed to new things. You will be writing words on the daily basis and that will greatly improve your speaking and your writing skill. And if you are a bad speller too of course there is Microsoft Word to help you automatically correct you every time you make a mistake. But I am telling you that when it corrects you once, twice, three times, eventually you will get that word correctly anytime you spell it.

So, your writing and your reading skills are going to greatly improve. You are going to be able to express your thought verbally well better than you could before you start blogging. Many bloggers who started originally didn’t have that writing background even though they remember the comprehension they wrote in school and all that but don’t how the content of a post to content. But when you start writing you find yourself putting content in the way it should be – structuring your content properly for your readers to understand where everything is. And yes, it always comes from the heart but you put it in a way your intro, the content itself, some things to improve to make them glue to the writing, some pictures all around and the summary and conclusion and the call to action most of the time fall in the right position. So your writing skills will greatly improve if you pick up blogging. I am a testimony of that.

#4. Opens new opportunities and learning experience:

If you are a blogger and you don’t know how to design a website, you don’t know anything about HTML just like me when I started new with the whole blogging thing. It exposed me to now start learning the programming language of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on. Now, I can boldly say I can design a website from scratch with that knowledge I got while trying to customize my blog.

Also, I have learned a little about piracy and copyright infringement and photography. A lot of things just come with blogging that you will be exposed to, you will meet new people and you learn from them, grab content from them. Also, for the social media marketing aspect, I had to go for courses to actually grab it to be successful at what I do.

#5. The Money:

Yes, there is plenty of money involved when you run a successful blog that doesn’t go against the rules and regulations of the blogosphere.


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