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The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship 2023

The Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship is an achievement-primarily based total scholarship presented to students in their final year of high school. Students are recognized for their capability to steer and serve, in addition to their dedication to creating a tremendous effect on their faculties and communities. With the thirty-fourth class in 2022, the Foundation has furnished over 6,600 Coca-Cola Scholars with more than $78 million in academic support. 150 Coca-Cola Scholars are decided on each year to get hold of this $20,000 scholarship.

Application opens from August 1st through to October 31st, 2022.

Becoming a Coca-Cola Scholar

An incredible 150 high school seniors will be accepted into the 35th class of the Coca-Cola Scholars. Begin as a Coca-Cola Scholar In addition to receiving a $20,000 scholarship to the college of their choice, Coca-Cola Scholars are also included in a diverse community of more than 6,600 co-creators working towards a better future for all created by us.

Here’s how to apply:

  1. Check the eligibility requirements to ensure you can apply.

View Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be:

  • Current high school (or homeschooler) student attending a school in the United States (or select DoD schools) who will graduate in the 2022-2023 academic year
  • US citizens, US nationals, U.S. permanent residents, refugees, asylum seekers, Cuban-Haitian immigrants, or those on humanitarian parole, depending on the policies used by the U.S. Department of Education for Eligibility for Federal Financial Aid
  • Expecting to Receive High School Diploma During Current School Year
  • Planning to receive a degree from an accredited post-secondary institution in the United States.
  • Achieve a minimum average of B/3.0 GPA in secondary school coursework

Applicants may not be:

  • Children or grandchildren of current employees, officers, or owners of Coca-Cola bottling companies, The Coca-Cola Company, Company divisions, or subsidiaries.
  • Children or grandchildren of former employees who are currently receiving retirement benefits based on their previous employment with Coca-Cola bottling companies, The Coca-Cola Company, Company divisions, or subsidiaries.
  • International students (with the exception of students at DoD schools)
  • High school graduates Temporary residents

2. Click over to the application page and create an account. Click “Sign Up” to get started. After you create an account, you will be asked to complete an eligibility quiz to make extra sure you can apply.

3. When you’re ready, complete your application.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • It’s for Students graduating high school during the 2022-2023 school year
  • The application for the Coca-Cola Scholars Program is open from August 1 through October 31!
  • The 2023 Coca-Cola Scholars Program application deadline is 5 p.m. Eastern on Monday, October 31, 2022. (The deadline to complete the required eligibility quiz is 4 pm Eastern on Monday, October 31, 2022.)
  • You only need to complete the online application by 5 pm Eastern on October 31, 2022. Do not send us a transcript, a resume, essays, or recommendations.
  • If you have already graduated from high school, you are not eligible for consideration for this scholarship award.

Congratulations – you could be on your way to becoming a Coca-Cola Scholar!

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