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Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Application Process and Eligibility

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery is a unique initiative that enables players to partake in games of chance while also contributing to student financial aid. This program has helped numerous graduate and college students receive scholarships and grants totaling $1 billion, considerably lowering their educational expenditures.

The organization’s website makes the propositions difficult to understand, but we’ve got a fix! We review the guidelines for this software and describe how it functions in this article. Learn what scholarships are sponsored by these earnings and how to easily locate Arkansas scholarships that fit your qualifications.

The Regulations for Obtaining Arkansas State Scholarship (Lottery Program)

The full process of generating money for the selected scholarship is outlined below:

  1. The organization distributes lottery tickets to anyone who want to take part in the offered games; players can get the tickets from machines or from authorized retailer sites, which are spread throughout the state.
  2. The Players:
  • Gets to choose their “lucky numbers” and writing them down on the lottery playslip is the basis for all games that are offered. The numbers can be manually chosen or chosen at random.
  • Pay for their tickets; the cost varies according on the game they are attending and any special benefits they may be eligible for.
  • Check the winning numbers for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery – Participants can call, visit their nearby retailer, or get the results online at the program’s official website.
  • If they won anything, they should claim it. To do this, they need to have the winning ticket in hand, a claim form that has been fully filled out, and a copy of their identification. All of this should be sent to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Claim Center at PO Box 3838, Little Rock, AR 72203.

In order to support a number of available awards, the foundation transfers the proceeds from the sale of the tickets to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

What Activities Are Available in the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery?

Tickets for the following games are available to players:

  • Powerball—putting a mark on five digits from 1 to 69 and one from 1 to 26. Two to 20 Multi Draws are available as options.
  • Mega Millions—selecting five numbers between one and 70 and one number between one and 25, with the option for two to twenty consecutive multidraws.
  • Cash 3—picking one three-digit number between 00 and 999; 14 to 28 Multi Draws are available.
  • Cash 4—selecting a single 4-digit number between 0000 and 9999; 28 Multi Draws are offered.
  • Lucky for Life—Selecting five numbers from one to 48 and selecting one of 18 “Lucky Ball” numbers; two to 20 Multi Draws are offered.
  • Natural State Jackpot—selecting five numbers from one to 39 from the two to twenty available Multi Draws
  • Instant games—several different types of scratch-off cards
  • Fast Play games—this group includes:

Crazy 8s
Lucky Loot
Find the 9s
Quick Cards
Stars & Stripes
AR Progressive Jackpot

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Program Earnings Support Scholarships on:

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Program assists with three areas. Arkansas Department of Higher Education scholarships available:

  • Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship
  • Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship
  • Arkansas Concurrent Challenge Scholarship

Here is a quick summary of each award:

ScholarshipFor Students WhoAward Amount
Academic Challenge ScholarshipAre: Arkansas residents U.S. citizen or permanent resident Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Enroll in the accepted programs leading to: Associate degree Qualified certificate Baccalaureate degree Nursing school diploma Don’t have any state loan debts Aren’t in prison at the moment of application or while receiving the scholarship Are drug-free Enroll full-time each termUp to $4,000 for a two-year college Up to $14,000 for a four-year college
Workforce Challenge ScholarshipAre: Arkansas residents High school graduates Plan to enroll in one of the accepted ADHE programs Can apply 30 days before the enrollment Didn’t receive an Academic Challenge ScholarshipUp to $800
Concurrent Challenge ScholarshipAre high school students—juniors or seniors Want an early start on college courses$125 per course

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