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Solution for Fixing White Screen of Death Issue on iPhone 13, 13 Pro, And 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s screen is typically blank and unresponsive to touch when it experiences a white screen of death, but vibrations and sounds show that the device is still functional. If the screen looks blurry or your touch is insensitive, you’ll discover that your iPhone is little more than a vibrating paperweight.

If the entire screen of your iPhone is white and there are no icons or apps visible, you might be dealing with the iPhone White Screen of Death. Despite having a terrifying name, it usually isn’t as horrible as it first appears to be. You shouldn’t be concerned about your iPhone blowing up. The white screen of death problem on the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max can be resolved with a few workarounds. So, let’s begin the guide.

Why Does My iPhone 13 Series Have a White Screen of Death Problem?

The causes of a white screen of death on an iPhone 13 series are too numerous to name just one. These are only a few possible causes; there are many more. When the screen on your iPhone 13 series doesn’t light up, there are three common causes.

  • Hardware Problems.
  • Software Issues.
  • Empty Battery or Crashed App.

Here are the Ways to Fix the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max White Screen of Death Problem

If you recently updated your iPhone 13, 13, Pro, or 13 Pro Max to iOS 16, do you ever get a white screen of death? You are not the only one if that is the case. The fixes listed below will assist you if you experience the white screen of death problem on an iPhone 13, 13, Pro, or 13 Pro Max. Therefore, let’s examine them.

Solution 1: Force Restart Your Device

The approach outlined below might need to be adjusted based on the model and generation of your iPhone. However, the technique described here works with iPhone 13 series and subsequent models. This is how it goes: 

  1. On your iOS smartphone, press and immediately release the Volume Up button.
  2. Then, quickly depress the iPhone’s Volume Down button.
  3. Holding the side button, press it after that. But when the iPhone displays the Apple logo, you can let go of the button.

Solution 2: Place your iPhone on Charge

Have you made sure your iPhone is charged all the way? It may seem easy to check your iPhone’s battery before you freak out, but resist the urge to do so. When attempting to communicate with an uncharged iPhone, you will typically see an empty battery symbol.

However, if the battery has been totally drained, the screen can be totally black. You should always charge your iPhone for a few hours by plugging it into an outlet. If a power shortage results in the iPhone 13 series having a white screen, Apple should briefly display its charging icon.

Solution 3: Remove Glitchy Applications

The white screens on your iPhone13 series can be related to an app you recently installed. Use your phone after ensuring that any recently downloaded apps have been removed. If the white screens stop, it will be simpler for you to fix the issue.

Solution 4: Perform a Device Hard Reset

Restarting the device will solve the issue if your iPhone 13, 13, Pro, or 13 Pro Max experiences a white screen of death and becomes unresponsive.

Restarting your phone can typically fix minor system issues. Some iPhone owners indicate that their devices still work despite having dark screens. You might be able to hear calls and notifications, for instance, if the screen does not turn on.

In the event that your iPhone freezes or crashes, a reboot will typically resolve both of these problems. The greatest thing you can do is press and hold the side and any volume keys of your phone for a few seconds. Try it if you’re having issues with your iPhone; it won’t take long.

Solution 5: Reset the iPhone to its Factory Settings

If charging it and restarting it do not fix your iPhone 13 series white screen of death problem, you might need to restore it to factory settings. If you restore your iPhone, all of your data will be lost unless you have backed up your important files to an online service like iCloud.

An iPhone must be connected to a computer and then launched in iTunes to perform a factory reset. Once Apple’s iTunes detects your phone, you can restore your iPhone. After selecting Summary, choose Restore iPhone. This Update will install the most recent iOS version on the iPhone and return the device to its factory settings.

Solution 6: Try Updating or Restoring your iPhone in Recovery Mode

If returning the iPhone 13 series to factory settings doesn’t fix the white screen issue, you can force it into recovery mode. Your iPhone is connected to a computer when in recovery mode so the computer can fix it. The procedure often entails updating the operating system on your phone to iOS.

Through force-recovery mode, your operating system can be repaired if damaged. Because of the potential for data loss, I’d only advise doing this step if you really must restore your iPhone (or if you haven’t already backed up all of your user data).

You can put your iPhone into recovery mode after you’ve linked it to a pc and launched iTunes. The Volume Up button should be immediately released after a brief period of holding it pressed. Click and rapidly release the Volume Down button to continue. Release the Side button after ten seconds of pressing and holding it. Hold this button down until your screen asks you to connect to iTunes.

Now, you may choose Update from the pop-up menu to reinstall iOS without losing your data. If you choose Restore, iTunes will delete all of your phone’s data and reset it to factory conditions.

Solution 7: Get in Touch with Apple Support

The iPhone screen continues to display a white screen of death problems even after reinstalling iOS. Try restarting the device if you’re becoming frustrated. It is advised that before visiting the service center, you first call Apple Support and ask for help. If they advise you to attend your local Apple Service location after that, heed their advice.

It can be really stressful when your iPhone stops functioning for no clear reason. Use the solutions listed above to resolve the white screen of death problem affecting your iPhone 13 series. So, that’s how the white screen of death problem on the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max was resolved. We appreciate you reading this manual. We trust it was beneficial. Please leave a remark below so we’ll know it was helpful to you.

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