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Apple apparently intends to make a bid for streaming rights to the English Premier League

As the Cupertino Company prepares to expand its sports offering, Apple is expected to once again submit a proposal for the streaming rights to the English Premier League of football.
This time, according to Newsweek, Apple wants the privilege of streaming the Premier League and other UK lower-league games.
The Battle of Football, a documentary on the European Super League, was previously announced by Apple, according to the Daily Mail, as a method for the firm to demonstrate that it “dipped its toe into the Premier League market.”
The league’s three-year agreement with Sky Sports and BT Sport, which is set to end in 2025, is still in effect.
As a result, later this year, Apple TV Plus and other providers could start vying for the rights to the Premier League.
If Apple can obtain the agreement for 2026, it would represent a significant paradigm shift given that Sky Sports has held exclusive rights to this league since 1992.
With Major League Soccer, Apple TV Plus will allow customers to view the games in every location where streaming is offered.
It was one of the reasons Apple pulled out of the NFL Sunday arrangement, as previously reported by BGR since it wouldn’t be able to broadcast the games overseas and couldn’t offer a localized version of the games.
On the other hand, in Major League Soccer, Apple and the league will work together on marketing since, aside from the international aspect, every MLS team’s uniform will have the Apple TV emblem.
From next month, customers will have access to the season pass, which may provide a preview of what Apple may provide in exchange for the Premier League contract.
In addition, starting in 2022, Apple will stream Friday Night Baseball, which will feature games from Major League Baseball.
The new season begins next month, and the games are accessible to Apple TV Plus customers at no additional cost.

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