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Steps to Using ChatGPT without a Mobile Number

OpenAI’s application, ChatGPT, can deal with any user’s difficult questions or requests. The user’s kind of question determines how it responds to various requests. It can respond to follow-up inquiries, contest false premises, dismiss unsuitable inquiries, and even acknowledge its own errors.

Following its initial release, which was on 30th November 2022, the tool quickly gained popularity and within a week had 1 million users. Since ChatGPT is currently in the research and feedback-gathering stages, the services are still available. But due to the market’s high demand, OpenAI has seen an influx of billions of dollars in funding. Future prospects can only be improved as a result of this. Since everyone who wants to use ChatGPT must first register an account, let’s look at account creation in more depth.

Here is the way Use ChatGPT with no Phone Number?

ChatGPT will need your phone number and email address when you sign up. For ChatGPT, users can easily establish new emails whenever they wish, but phone numbers are a different story. Many people are hesitant to give their phone numbers to OpenAI, which has raised the issue of whether it is possible to register for an OpenAI account without providing a phone number.

Simply put, no is the response to this query. For new accounts in OpenAI, a working phone number and email address are required. To protect your phone number, though, you might need to try some other measures.

Go purchase a prepaid SIM card for temporary use:

Anyone can buy a prepaid SIM card for almost free, subscribe to a plan briefly, and use it. This can be used to obtain a temporary phone number that you can use to register with OpenAI. You won’t require the phone number for further logins once registration is complete. You can completely remove it.

Obtain a free online mobile phone number.:

Utilizing an online service that provides temporary phone numbers is another alternative. You can find a variety of websites by searching for free phone numbers for OTP verification. Choose one of your options, then use it to get an OpenAI account number.

If a service like that isn’t offered for free, you can even choose a premium option. It will be more trustworthy than the service you would receive for free.

This is all about using ChatGPT without a phone number, then. Comment below with any inquiries you may have regarding this story, and we will respond. Check out our other articles for additional helpful information on PC tips and tricks, iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, and much more.

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