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King of the Cookie Run: Prune Juice and Capsicum Cookie

Base-building, strategy, and elements from role-playing games are all combined in Cookie Run Kingdom. Players are sent to a magical realm where a variety of cookies come to life and go on different adventures. Players must build and rule their kingdoms, raise and clothe their characters, and travel to various locations in order to defeat their adversaries and solve the secrets of the cookie world. Let’s investigate the capsaicin and prune juice cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom.

Update: Capsaicin and prune juice cookies from Cookie Run Kingdom

On March 30, Cookie Kingdom published the game’s most recent update, which included several changes and enhancements. New resonant toppings, such as the Super Epic Cookie Capsaicin and Epic Cookie Prune Juice, are included in the update, but only specific cookies may use them. The magma debuff and skill elemental types are also featured. Last but not least, a brand-new event named “Romance Kingdom: Sugar Sweet Desti” has been added to the game.

Cookie with Capsaicin: A New Super Epic Cookie

When you use the Capsaicin Cookie ability, also known as Capsaicin Magma, on Cookie, the skill is described as “Capsaicin Cookie transforms with the surge of magma power.” His standard attacks will cause lava eruptions when he changes, dealing burn and magma damage to opponents. The fire-type DMG is increased by the magma ailment. When something is done to halt the metamorphosis of the capsaicin cookie, it will momentarily lose its resistance.

Also, after changing into Spice Overlord mode, it will deliver his final attack, which makes use of all of the extreme magma strength. If he is immobilized during the battle, he will turn immortal, wiping off his debuffs, and for a while, he won’t be able to be immobilized. The initial cooldown of Capsaicin Cookie’s talent will be shortened, allowing for speedier skill application.

Elements of Magma Debuff and Skill

The DMG, healing, and other attributes of talent are influenced by the element types of the skill. Light, poison, and fire are the new components that have been added. The affected cookies and magic candies are listed below:

  1. Light: financier, clotted cream, and madeleine cookies
  2. Cookie poisons: prune juice, poison mushrooms, affogato, alchemists, and licorice cookies’ magic candy
  3. Fire: Rye Cookie, Rye Cookie’s Magic Candy, Capsaicin Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Chili Pepper Cookie

You may now find Capsaicin Cookie and his soul stones in the Magma Gacha. Collect magma gems from sales and events to utilize the magma gacha. The Magma Gacha may provide you with Magma Gem Shards rather than mileage points, depending on your results.

You can obtain Magma Gem Shards if you obtain a cookie or a soul stone from the gacha, regardless of whether the cookie has risen.

If you collect enough magma gem shards, Capsaicin Cookie will join your kingdom. If you already have enough Capsaicin Cookie soul stones to max him up, the guaranteed Capsaicin Cookie can be swapped out for a Super Epic Cookie of Choice Chest (4 types).

Magma Gem Shards that are left over will be converted into regular Mileage Points and delivered to your inbox.

Epic Cookie: Prune Juice from the New Cookie Run Kingdom

Prune Juice Potion is a skill used by Bomber Cookie. In place of utilizing his usual attack, Prune Juice Cookie throws a Prune Juice Bottle in the direction of the adversary who is closest to him, poisoning both the target and nearby enemies, according to the skill’s description.

Prune Juice Cookie will blast a sizable bottle of deadly prune juice after using his gift. When the bottle breaks, Sticky Goo, Poison, Poison DMG Boost, and Prune Jellies will be summoned. The number of hits reduces the health of the summoned prune jellyfish. Sometimes, summoned prune jellyfish will spew out prune gas, poisoning enemies in the area. Summoned prune jellies also contain poison, are immune to all recurring effects, and are unaffected by healing or shielding.

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