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Repair: Mobile Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus If It Is Not Really Working

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ models from Samsung, which were introduced in 2022, are the forerunners of the recently announced Galaxy S23 series.
Although the Galaxy S22 range has garnered favorable user reviews and is selling well, some customers have noted a number of faults and glitches.
The Mobile Hotspot function is one such problem; some Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus customers have complained that it is inoperable.
Don’t worry if you’re one of the unfortunate users who is having this problem.
You can address the issue using the troubleshooting guide provided.
When Wi-Fi or mobile data are not accessible or dependable, mobile hotspots may be immensely helpful.
Yet, it might be annoying if your mobile hotspot is malfunctioning.
We’ll go through potential causes for this problem in this tutorial and provide remedies to assist you in fixing it.
You can restart your Samsung Galaxy S22 or S22 Plus mobile hotspot by following the instructions provided in this article.
Let’s begin by determining the cause of this problem and how to resolve it.

Repair: Mobile Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus Isn’t Working

Regardless of the device’s age or model, this problem seems to affect a lot of Samsung models.
Thankfully, there are a number of troubleshooting techniques you may use to attempt to solve the issue. The problem might have a number of different root causes, such as issues with the mobile carrier or mobile data connectivity, momentary system issues, networking issues, obsolete system software versions, data-saving mode conflicts, power-saving mode blockages, and more.
We’ve created a list of methods that you may use to start solving the mobile hotspot problem.
These procedures will help you find the root of the issue, solve it, and get your mobile hotspot up and running once again.
These remedies should enable you to swiftly and simply fix the issue, regardless of whether it is brought on by a carrier issue or a software error.
So let’s get started and investigate the different troubleshooting techniques you can use to activate the mobile hotspot on your Samsung device.

  1. Forced Galaxy S22 Lineup Reboot
    Be sure to forcefully restart the Samsung Galaxy S22 series model by following the procedures below to fix any temporary issues if your smartphone becomes sluggish or the mobile hotspot stops working.
    *Hold and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds.
    *You should be able to use the hotspot once more after the device reboots itself automatically.
  2. Examine the software for updates.
    Software updates are helpful for introducing new features and enhancing performance by addressing bugs.
    *To make sure there isn’t a problem with the out-of-date system version, it is advised to always check for the software update by carrying out the procedures below.
    *Open your phone’s settings menu.
    *Select Download and Install from the Software Update menu.
    *Your device will look for any updated software.
    *The update must be downloaded and installed if it is available.
    *Restart the device when the update procedure is finished.
    *The message “Your software is up to date” will appear on your device if there are no updates available.
  3. Enable and disable Airplane Mode (Flight Mode).
    You may also check to see whether the networking issue has been resolved by turning on and off Airplane Mode (Flight Mode) on your phone.
    The smartphone is disconnected from all networks and connections when it is in airplane mode.
    Thus, it really could be helpful to you.
    *Tap the Airplane mode icon after swiping down the Notification Center.
    *Be sure you turn it on.
    *When a few seconds have passed, press the symbol to turn it off once more.
  4. Verify Your Network Connection
    Also, make sure the networking connection is functioning properly.
    You could occasionally experience a lot of hassle due to problems with your phone’s connectivity.
    Be sure to try utilizing a different network if the Samsung device is having problems finding a network or mobile hotspot.
    *To test hotspot connectivity, you may also try using another mobile device.
    *Depending on the carrier plan and region, you can also try switching between network modes to select 5G, 4G LTE, 3G, or 2G. You will need at least two signal bars to make it operate if you are outside of the networking signal area, in the basement, or on the outskirts.
  5. Verify your mobile data plan and cap.
    The Android operating system and any background activities may occasionally be data-hungry, which not only limits data speed but also slows down performance. Yet, for some people, it also exceeds their daily allowance or mobile data plan.
    *Check the mobile data plan and the daily data cap if you have any doubts about experiencing the same issue.
    *Simply choose Connections from the Settings menu.
    *Tap on Mobile Data Consumption after choosing Data Usage.
    *Tap the Settings gear icon to continue.
    *You must choose Data Limit and raise the daily or monthly limit here.
  6. Disable Data Saving Mode
    Despite having data saver mode turned on, are you still attempting to use a mobile hotspot?
    To disable the mobile hotspot on your phone, follow the instructions below.
    *On the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, access Settings.
    *Click on Connections > Data Consumption.
    *To make sure that this function isn’t stopping the mobile hotspot from functioning correctly, disable Data Saver.
  7. Turn off the power-saving mode.
    In order to avoid excessive battery consumption, Samsung’s One UI’s power-saving mode might occasionally become so aggressive as to limit current and background connection operations.
    It is preferable to just turn off the power-saving mode on the phone by doing the procedures listed below.
    *Open the device’s Settings app.
    *Choose “Battery and device care” from the menu.
    *Choose the Batteries option next.
    *Turn off Power Saving so you can re-verify the problem.
  8. Turn off VPN
    Several users have reported that turning off their VPN on their devices allowed them to regain access to the mobile hotspot.
    If you’re also using a VPN service on your phone, you may either do it directly from the program you’re using or by utilizing the procedures listed below:
    *On the smartphone, select the Settings option.
    *Under the settings menu, type VPN.
    *Next, turn off the VPN by opening the settings.
  9. Reset Network Configuration
    Be sure to reset the network settings on your device by following the instructions below if none of the options above were successful for you. Resetting network settings will clearly erase networking-related data like Wi-Fi passwords and Bluetooth pairings and will reset the VPN or APN settings to default, but it won’t destroy any personal data. Hence, before changing the network settings, be sure to preserve the Wi-Fi password.
    *Open the Settings application.
    *Then choose General Management.
    *Choose to reset your network settings by tapping Reset.
    *Complete the procedure by typing the device lock screen password now.
    *Restart the device when the reset is complete.
    *Reconnect to the Bluetooth and WiFi devices. (if any)
    To check for the problem, try connecting to the hotspot one last time.

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