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How to Craft Your Own Transparent AirPods Pro: DIY Innovation

“Have you heard of Swiss engineer Ken Pillonel? He’s the innovator who introduced a USB-C iPhone ahead of Apple’s official release. What’s more, he incorporated the same USB-C port into AirPods and even designed an AirPods Pro case equipped with a user-replaceable battery. And now, he’s back with yet another remarkable DIY creation: Transparent AirPods Pro.”

Apple’s AirPods Pro lineup has always been synonymous with the classic white color, leaving users craving more variety in their earphone aesthetics. If you’ve been yearning for transparent earphones, your sole alternative so far has been the Beats Studio Buds Plus. As for Apple producing transparent AirPods Pro in the future, the crystal ball remains clouded, but you don’t need to play the waiting game, thanks to Pillonel’s pioneering work.

But before you dive into Pillonel’s latest creation, it’s essential to check out his previous video, where he demonstrates how to craft your very own 3D-printed AirPods Pro case. This innovation addresses one of the most common gripes with AirPods and other wireless earphones: the inevitable demise of their batteries. Once the batteries no longer hold a charge, most earphones end up in the trash, and there’s no recourse for repair.

Pillonel’s solution offers a lifeline by enabling you to replace the case battery every few years. Although there’s no remedy yet for the AirPods themselves, this DIY project is a significant step forward. It’s worth noting that this modification involves adding a USB-C port to the AirPods Pro case, an added benefit for those willing to venture down this do-it-yourself path.

The latest video offers a condensed version of the same process, focusing on the assembly of a 3D-printed, customized AirPods Pro case rather than its initial development. Pillonel’s meticulous approach includes cutting and cleaning the pieces in intricate detail, resulting in a distinctive and functional transparent AirPods Pro case that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

For those intrigued by this project, be prepared to invest some time and have access to the necessary technology. As the video demonstrates, you’ll need a few days to complete the 3D printing, cleaning, and assembly processes, which are significantly facilitated if you have a 3D printer at your disposal.

It’s important to note that this project might cost more than a brand-new pair of AirPods Pro 2, but it’s an excellent choice if you’re aiming to make your first-gen AirPods Pro unique and adopt a more environmentally conscious design.

However, just like the previous DIY AirPods Pro project, the modification process doesn’t extend to the AirPods themselves. Pillonel has yet to uncover the method to disassemble and rebuild the earbuds, leaving that challenge unaddressed for now.

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