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The Afib History function in watchOS 9.4 is expanded to additional nations and more

Apple is making watchOS 9.4 available to owners of Apple Watches after many weeks of beta testing.
The Cupertino company is highlighting just minor changes to watchOS 9.3 after a minor upgrade to that version. It’s all new right here.
Like the previous versions that are already available, watchOS 9.4 adds more than 20 new emojis. 21 new numbers are now available. Also, for the first time, no demographic data is being added. A donkey, jellyfish, hair pick, high-five hand, and new heart colors are among the highlights. More than a year has passed since Apple gave users access to new emojis.
For those who want to go to sleep wearing their Watch, watchOS 9.4 also introduces an intriguing function. The cover-to-mute gesture cannot quiet wake-up alarms in this version, preventing unintentional cancellation of your alarm while you are sleeping.
The Afib History function is now available in more nations with watchOS 9.4, including Colombia, Malaysia, Moldova, Thailand, and Ukraine. Now, Moldova and Ukraine may also use the cycle tracking feature.
WatchOS 9.2 was packed with new features, as opposed to WatchOS 9.3, which primarily contained bug patches.
Changes to the Outdoor Run:
The exercise now recognizes when you enter a running track automatically and displays stats related to that track.
Currently available race routes:
You may use Race Route to compare your results from a past outdoor wheelchair, outdoor bike, and outdoor run sessions.
Workout app updates:

A new unique kickboxing algorithm has been the workout, the app provides more precise stats.
While using AirPods Pro or AirPods Max with Active Noise Cancellation, the Noise app on watchOS 9.2 now shows when ambient noise levels are lowered.
Those who have an Apple Card and a Savings account may now check their balance in Wallet, and Family Setup users can be invited to use the Home app to operate HomePod speakers, and smart home accessories, and open doors using house keys.
Apple also released tvOS 16.4, iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.3, and macOS 13.3 in addition to watchOS 9.4.

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