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A Closer Look at tvOS 17: Features, Compatibility, and Release Details

The future operating system for Apple’s Apple TV and HomePod devices is called tvOS 17.

It’s uncertain what the firm may announce to remodel the current features of this hardware after two years of little improvement other than minor adjustments. The next significant upgrade from the firm, tvOS 17, is described below.

What will Apple’s next tvOS be called?

It’s never easy to guess how Apple will label the various releases of its macOS operating system. Yet, things are a little bit easier with tvOS.

If Apple follows tradition, tvOS 17 will be the name of tvOS 16’s successor. The operating system’s internal codename is still a mystery to us at this time. Yet, even if we do, it won’t matter because it won’t affect how the business names tvOS.

It’s impossible to predict which software updates Apple will make to its new operating system because everything is done in-house, unlike hardware releases.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicted in January that iOS 17 will have fewer features since it will be more focused on the company’s Mixed-Reality headset and the future xrOS operating system.
If it proves to be true, tvOS 17 may see another mild year.

Apple might release a better Home interface for tvOS in 2023 after adding Matter support to Apple TV and HomePod last year.
The company’s services, including Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Apple Fitness+, are also heavily reliant on tvOS; therefore, any modifications to these services would also result in new features for tvOS customers.

The latest smart speaker from Apple has more advanced software now than when it first debuted, more than five years ago.

For instance, users want Apple to make Siri more intelligent and to expand Siri’s language support internationally.

The release date for tvOS 17

If Apple continues the tradition, tvOS 17 will be unveiled at the next WWDC in 2023.

On June 5, the conference will be held at Apple Park.

Developers will then be allowed to test out tvOS 17 after that.
A public beta will be released around July, with the official release date anticipated to be around the time of the iPhone 15’s unveiling in September.
Since the release of tvOS, Apple has supported all Apple TV models, starting with the 2015 HD model.

Whether Apple will stop supporting this model in favor of the 4K versions is unknown.
The following set-top boxes and smart speakers are currently supported by tvOS 16:

  1. Apple TV HD (2015)
  2. Apple TV 4K (1st gen)
  3. Apple TV 4K (2nd generation)
  4. Apple TV 4K (3rd generation)
  5. HomePod (1st gen)
  6. HomePod mini
  7. HomePod 2

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