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Apple Executives Believe Mixed Reality Headset Could Be the Next iPhone Replacement

It’s not the first time that there have been reports of Apple’s plans to eventually replace the iPhone with their Mixed Reality headset or AR Apple Glasses. Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated back in 2021 that the iPhone would still have another decade before being replaced by AR, despite it still contributing to over 50% of Apple’s revenue. Kuo believed that AR headsets could sell over a billion units in the next ten years, but warned that if the AR headset was only positioned as an accessory for the Mac or iPhone, it wouldn’t be beneficial for product growth.

Fast forward two years later, with Apple’s first Mixed Reality headset to be announced at WWDC 2023, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that some of Apple’s executives believe the headset will initially have a slow start, but eventually have the potential to replace the iPhone.

Recent rumors have suggested that the Mixed Reality headset may have a slower start than the first iPhone, mainly due to concerns about its high price (over $3,000), poor battery life (a few hours outside of the plug), and incomplete software (the first version won’t include all expected features, and some may not work as intended). However, Apple is already rumored to be working on a second-generation device that will address these issues while improving the price.

Although it may not seem like a typical Apple launch, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, has expressed confidence that their next breakthrough will be related to Mixed Reality or Augmented Reality technologies. While it’s a big bet to say that the Mixed Reality headset will ultimately replace the iPhone, who would have thought back in 2007 that the iPhone would revolutionize the industry? Only time will tell, and the clock is ticking.

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