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Artemis Missions: Lockheed Martin and Lunar Outpost Join Forces to Create Next-Gen Moon Rover

Lunar Outpost, the firm that is assisting Nokia in bringing 4G internet to the Moon, has partnered with Lockheed Martin to help create a state-of-the-art Moon rover for use in the Artemis missions.

Apart from working with Nokia, Lunar Outpost is also among the pioneering firms collaborating with NASA to make moon mining a reality. The company has already secured a contract with NASA and is now collaborating with Lockheed Martin to actualize the Lunar Mobility Vehicle (LMV).

The development of Lockheed Martin’s new-generation lunar rover is thrilling because of how it will help space travelers initiate a new age of space exploration. When NASA’s Artemis program returns to the Moon’s surface in 2025, the new rover will aid in extending mobility even further.

The new rover will allow astronauts to travel more easily along the surface of the Moon, and they’ll be able to conduct critical research and prospect for important resources using the new rover. For its part, Lunar Outpost will provide COSMOS, a powerful software system, for the rover.

COSMOS is a “comprehensive mission control software for robotic vehicle teleoperation, data management, and payload operations,” according to Lunar Outpost. The company will also help with the next-generation moon rover’s onboard navigation, thermal management, dust mitigation, and light systems.

The goal is to create an efficient and safe rover for astronauts to rely on during their exploration of the Moon’s surface. The company also says that the rover can operate fully autonomously, allowing it to help astronauts even when not piloted by a human hand.

The development of this next-generation moon rover is ongoing. It will be interesting to see more about it when Lunar Outpost and Lockheed Martin reveal details and design for the rover. In the meantime, we can remain excited about the upcoming Artemis II mission, which will see a crew of four orbiting around the Moon in the Orion space capsule.

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