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Former Marvel Executive Victoria Alonso Reaches Multimillion-Dollar Settlement with Disney

Earlier this year, Victoria Alonso, the former head of VFX and post-production at Marvel Studios, was abruptly fired by Disney. Reports suggested that she was let go for violating company policy by working on and promoting another studio’s film without permission, as well as her oversight of VFX-heavy films like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. However, Marvel has now decided to settle with Alonso rather than go through a public legal battle. Although the specifics of the settlement have not been disclosed, sources suggest that it amounts to several million dollars. While neither Disney nor Alonso’s legal team has commented on the settlement, both parties had previously expressed their views on the reasons behind Alonso’s termination. It has been reported that former Marvel executive Victoria Alonso’s work as a producer on the Amazon Studios film “Argentina, 1985” and her promotion of the project during the 2022/2023 awards season led to her termination. However, Alonso’s legal representatives have pushed back on this claim, stating that their client, a gay Latina who criticized Disney, was silenced and fired after refusing to do something she found reprehensible. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this “reprehensible” act was censoring references to gay pride in the upcoming film “Quantumania” in order to appease distributors in Kuwait, where homosexuality is illegal. Alonso, who sat on GLAAD’s board and clashed with former CEO Bob Chapek over his reluctance to speak out against Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, has since left Marvel, with the studio offering their good wishes and a significant payout.

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