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iOS 16 Frustrates iPhone Users with Multiple Bugs

Apple is set to reveal iOS 17 this summer, signaling the end of iOS 16’s lifecycle. Despite being close to the end of its run, users are still complaining about the many bugs that can be found in the latest version of the iPhone operating system. YouTuber Luke Miani has pointed out that iOS is getting worse, with Apple adding half-baked features without addressing existing bugs, starting after the significant iOS 12 update, where Apple improved the performance of existing devices and focused on fixing bugs.

With iOS 16, Apple has allowed more bugs to pile up, while sitting on old ones, making it frustrating for users who may be experiencing issues with their shiny new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Some of the most common problems, according to Luke Miani, include the iPhone 14 Pro screen going black, the Photos tab on iMessage being unresponsive, and users being unable to accept a FaceTime call or use their iPhone if the call was made while the iPhone was locked.

If you search for “iOS 16 bugs” on Twitter, you will find many more strange things happening on iPhones. However, despite these issues, it’s important to note that Apple is likely working hard to fix these bugs and improve the user experience in future updates.

In addition to the problems mentioned earlier, iPhone users have also reported issues with Dynamic Island appearing in unintended places and several bugs related to the Lock Screen, such as glitched photos, unresponsive widgets, and an improperly sized music player.

It’s clear that iOS 16 is riddled with bugs, and while iOS 17 may not have many significant new features, it’s high time that Apple addresses the existing issues before releasing any further features. By prioritizing the fixing of bugs, Apple can ensure that users have a better and more satisfying experience with their iPhones.

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