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New Study Finds Unexpected Ancient Structure Surrounding Earth’s Core

A new study published in Science Advances has revealed an unexpected ancient structure surrounding Earth’s core. Scientists have long believed that Earth’s core is a massive ball of iron, but the discovery of an ancient structure could provide valuable insights into the center of our planet. Researchers used 15 monitoring stations buried in the ice of Antarctica to create a high-resolution map of the underlying geology beneath Earth’s Southern Hemisphere. These stations detect seismic waves as they travel through the ground, providing information on the composition and structures beneath our feet.

The ancient structure surrounding Earth’s core is believed to have valleys and mountains, with varying material thickness. While scientists speculate that it could be the remnants of an ancient ocean floor beneath the surface of our planet, they caution that assumptions based on seismic waves can be challenging to make. Nonetheless, understanding what lies beneath our feet is crucial to understanding the future of our planet and how its magnetic field protects us from solar radiation emitted by the Sun. Therefore, this study’s findings play a vital role in furthering our understanding of Earth’s composition and structure.

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