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Sales of item trackers surged in Q1 2023 because of the popularity of the Apple AirTag

In the initial months of 2023, more travel was undertaken as the COVID-19 epidemic subsided. According to Circana’s research, sales income for item trackers has climbed by 82% in the US, and in January and February combined, unit sales surged by 63%.

Apple AirTag is among the most widely used item trackers, despite not having a name. Owning an AirTag, which was introduced during the epidemic, is now more important than ever. According to the data, the majority of individuals nowadays add item trackers to their bags and travel accessories.

Despite consumer economic challenges, travel expenditure is anticipated to increase in 2023 and 2024, creating a special opportunity for travel-related technology goods, according to Circana’s Ben Arnold, executive director, and industry analyst.

“In a hard first quarter, categories like item trackers, on-ear headphones, and portable power packs that keep travelers connected, engaged, and powered-on while on the road have shown favorable growth.”

Why is AirTag essential for travelers?

Despite a few reports of AirTags being misused, the item tracker is useful when traveling.

They are portable and fit in backpacks, bags, and even headphones. Using the Precision Locate function of the iPhone Find My App, you may utilize the ultrawideband chip inside to determine when your luggage will arrive from the airline.

You may even find out if your luggage is on the plane or if it has already arrived at your destination with you thanks to AirTag’s use of Apple’s Find My iPhone network.
As an illustration, I once traveled to Los Angeles and stopped in Costa Rica.
They were unable to transfer my bags from one plane to another due to the speed of the event. My luggage was still in Costa Rica when I arrived at LAX, but thankfully I discovered this before the airline did.
I learned the next day that my stuff had been transported first to Guatemala and then aboard an aircraft to Los Angeles. I was aware that my luggage had arrived less than 20 hours later, so I headed to the airport before the airline company contacted me to let them know.

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