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Breaking News: Google Joins the Foldable Phone Market with the Pixel Fold

As per reports, the much-anticipated Pixel Fold will finally be unveiled by Google at the upcoming Google I/O 2023 event. The teaser video released by the company provides a glimpse of a full-size outer display that folds out, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold devices. While the exact specifications haven’t been revealed yet, the camera bar on the back bears a resemblance to previous Pixel models, albeit with a less pronounced bump. Leaked marketing materials and a hands-on video also seem to suggest this.

In an earlier report, CNBC had claimed that the Pixel Fold will be a 5.8-inch phone that can unfold to form a 7.6-inch tablet. Additionally, it will be powered by a Google Tensor G2 processor and is expected to weigh around 10 ounces. The phone is also expected to feature the most durable hinge of any foldable device on the market. However, with a rumored price of over $1,700, the Pixel Fold is likely to be more expensive than even Samsung’s latest foldable offering, the Z Fold 4, which launched at $1,799.

The Pixel Fold was expected to be announced at last year’s I/O event, but it didn’t make the cut. However, rumors about its launch have persisted since then. In the past year, Google has been focused on teaching Android developers to optimize their apps for foldable devices and larger screens, which could prove to be beneficial with the launch of the Pixel Fold and the new Pixel Tablet next week.

Those interested in learning more about the Pixel Fold can sign up for updates on a dedicated page on the Google Store, which will provide more information once the device is officially revealed on May 10th.

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