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Elon Musk Teases Two Revolutionary Electric Vehicles from Tesla

During Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting in 2023, CEO Elon Musk delighted attendees by providing a glimpse into the future of the company. Musk not only confirmed the development of a new product but also expressed that Tesla is actively engaged in its design and construction.

“I want to emphasize that we are currently working on a brand-new product,” Musk enthusiastically announced. “We are deep into the design process and actively building the prototype. Rest assured, we are not idle.”

Musk tantalizingly revealed that there are two new products in the pipeline, both boasting unparalleled advancements in design and manufacturing techniques, surpassing anything currently available in the industry. As he spoke, a captivating rendered image of a vehicle silhouette appeared on the screen behind him, offering the audience a teasing glimpse of one of the upcoming models.

While Musk didn’t explicitly clarify the extent of the vehicle’s development, it is highly probable that a prototype is currently under construction rather than a full-scale production model. It is worth noting that in a previous mention during the company’s battery day in 2020, Musk alluded to a potential $25,000 hatchback. However, he refrained from making any specific product announcements during this meeting, assuring attendees of an official product launch at a later date.

Tesla enthusiasts and industry watchers eagerly await further updates as the innovative electric vehicle manufacturer continues to push the boundaries of automotive technology and design.

During Tesla’s Investor Day in March, the company provided a tantalizing glimpse into its future lineup by showcasing a photograph featuring Tesla’s existing range of vehicles. However, the highlight of the presentation was the inclusion of two undisclosed car outlines, hinting at the imminent arrival of new models.

One of the vehicle silhouettes appeared to resemble a van in terms of size, while the other resembled a sedan or hatchback. These upcoming models are expected to be more affordable options that cater to a broader customer base, with the goal of achieving higher sales volumes.

While specific details regarding these vehicles were not disclosed during the Investor Day event, Tesla’s dedication to producing accessible electric vehicles at a larger scale signals the company’s commitment to expanding its market reach and making sustainable transportation more attainable for a wider audience.

As Tesla continues to innovate and push boundaries in the electric vehicle industry, the anticipation for these forthcoming models grows, as customers and enthusiasts eagerly await further information and official announcements from the company.

During the Investor Day event, Elon Musk shared his estimation that the combined production volume of the two new models would likely exceed 5 million units per year. This ambitious target reflects Tesla’s drive to significantly increase manufacturing output and meet growing customer demand for these anticipated vehicles.

Furthermore, Tesla confirmed its plans to establish a giga-factory in Mexico, which has fueled speculation that the production of the hatchback, often referred to as the “Model 2” by Tesla enthusiasts, will take place there. The choice of Mexico as a manufacturing location aligns with Tesla’s strategy of expanding production capacity globally to meet market demands efficiently.

Regarding the second teased vehicle, there has been speculation that it could be the long-awaited robot taxi that Elon Musk has mentioned previously. However, when an audience member inquired about Tesla’s progress in utilizing their vehicles for ride-sharing purposes, Musk responded by suggesting that ride-sharing would not be significant in a self-driving world. This comment hints at Tesla’s continued focus on advancing autonomous driving technology and the eventual deployment of fully self-driving capabilities in their vehicles.

During the shareholder meeting, Tesla made additional noteworthy announcements. One of them involved the return of former Chief Technical Officer (CTO) JB Straubel to the automaker’s board, highlighting the continued collaboration between Tesla and key industry veterans. Furthermore, Tesla expressed intentions to explore traditional advertising methods to promote new features, signaling a potential shift in their marketing strategy.

As Tesla forges ahead with its ambitious plans, including expanding production, advancing self-driving technology, and exploring different marketing approaches, enthusiasts and investors eagerly await further developments and official updates from the company.

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