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Discover the Power of AI History and Effortless Conversations on Petey for iPhone and Apple Watch

The popular ChatGPT client, Petey, has just released an update packed with new features. Let’s dive into what’s fresh in version 2.2.2, as shared by the developer.

  1. History and conversation details: Now, you can seamlessly continue your conversations right where you left off. The History function, available on both iPhone and Apple Watch, allows you to review previous interactions, including locations, links, and token usage.

2. Streaming answers and better GPT-4 integration: Petey now delivers answers in real-time, streaming them word-for-word to your device. This improvement significantly enhances speed, eliminating any timeout errors. It’s all thanks to the impressive performance boost in this update.

3. Interface enhancements and improved responsiveness: Petey for iPhone and Apple Watch offers a refreshed user interface with new icons crafted by Kevin Anderson. The app also responds faster to your queries, ensuring a smoother experience. Plus, the misalignment issue with the TextField cursor has been addressed.

4. API key revalidation and clearer indication: With version 2.2.2, you now have the ability to revalidate your API key, maintaining a seamless connection. Additionally, the speech bubbles now come with clear indications to help you identify which one is being read aloud.

In April, Petey introduced GPT-4 integration, a milestone that brings even more power and creativity to the app. OpenAI boasts GPT-4’s capability to generate, edit, and collaborate on creative and technical writing tasks, such as crafting songs, and screenplays, or adopting a user’s writing style. When shown an image of eggs, flour, and milk, GPT-4 can “see” the image and suggest a variety of recipes. This model is significantly smarter than its predecessors.

What’s particularly fascinating about Petey is its integration with the Apple Watch. From the convenience of your wrist, you can:

  1. Interact with the renowned GPT model directly on your Apple Watch.
    2. Obtain quick answers to your questions or generate longer messages without typing.
    3. Share your interaction outcomes with others via text, email, or social media.
    4. Set Petey as a complication for easy access to the app.
    5. Utilize the Text to Speech feature, allowing the app to read out answers to you, perfect for when you’re on the go (ensure your device is not on silent).
    6. Engage in interactive conversations by replying and responding to Petey’s answers, enhancing the overall conversational experience.

These updates cater to both iPhone and Apple Watch users, delivering a more efficient, engaging, and accessible ChatGPT experience.

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