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Experience the Future of In-Car Productivity: Taking a Zoom Call in the New Mercedes E-Class

Have you ever found yourself having to take a work call while in your car? Well, the days of relying solely on Bluetooth or audio systems for phone calls are gone. With technological advancements, video calls have now become a possibility while on the go.

Motorsport recently shared a TikTok video showcasing how one can take a Zoom call in the 2024 Mercedes E-Class. In the video, an incoming Zoom call appears on the car’s center screen, just like a regular phone call. The user has the option to accept or decline the call as usual.

But here’s where things get really interesting. Once the user accepts the call, they can engage in a full video call right from the driver’s seat. The car is equipped with an interior camera that captures video, and it is likely that the car uses the same microphone it uses for phone calls to pick up audio.

In addition to Zoom, the new Mercedes E-Class will also feature another popular app – TikTok. The partnership between the two companies was announced in February and aims to provide users with more entertainment options while on the go. According to David Saidden, the Director of Distribution Business Development at TikTok, the move is intended to offer users “more opportunities to enjoy the content they love.” It’s unclear how exactly TikTok will be integrated into the car’s technology, but it’s clear that the app’s popularity has led to its expansion into new platforms beyond smartphones.

With TikTok expanding into cars, it seems like every social media platform is looking for new ways to innovate and stay relevant. However, some platforms are still struggling with the basics. Mastodon, for instance, is still trying to improve its sign-up process for users. Meanwhile, BlueSky is attempting to become the next Twitter, while Twitter itself seems to be trying to emulate Facebook’s success. It’s a strange time for social media, with platforms constantly trying to one-up each other in terms of features and functionality. As the landscape continues to shift, it will be interesting to see which platforms come out on top and which ones fall by the wayside.

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