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Galaxy Z Fold 5 Lacks Desired Design Change, But Anticipation Builds for Fold 6

Samsung is gearing up to introduce its latest offerings, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5, at an upcoming event in South Korea next month. This means that the 2023 Samsung foldable will hit stores earlier than their predecessors, as the company faces increasing pressure from competitors who have brought their own Fold and Flip designs to international markets. Notably, the Pixel Fold stands out as a significant contender, as it will be the only foldable Android device to offer a Google-optimized version of Android.

To address the growing competition, Samsung has made some design changes in both the Fold 5 and Flip 5, aiming to address consumer concerns. However, if you’ve been eagerly awaiting a design alteration, you’ll have to wait for the Galaxy Z Fold 6, as it is expected to feature a better aspect ratio for the external display.

Leaks have revealed that Samsung has resolved a long-standing design compromise with the Fold and Flip series. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 will now fold perfectly flat, thanks to a new waterdrop hinge design, eliminating the annoying gap that previously existed between the two halves of the screen.

Moreover, Samsung plans to significantly increase the size of the Flip 5’s external display to match similar models offered by Oppo and Motorola.

It appears that Samsung may not have prioritized major design changes for the Fold and Flip series in previous years, given their dominant position in the foldable market across most regions. However, with the emergence of viable alternatives this year, such as the gap-less and larger external displays featured in Chinese vendor offerings, Samsung has taken notice.

While Chinese vendors have previously introduced these features, they were not widely available in international markets, allowing Samsung to maintain a comfortable lead. However, with the competition catching up, Samsung is now stepping up its game.

In addition to addressing the gap issue, Chinese vendors and Google have also rectified another frustrating design choice with the Galaxy Z Fold series. One of the drawbacks of Samsung’s foldable devices is that their external display is excessively tall, resulting in a suboptimal aspect ratio for using the phone while folded.

Since most users primarily utilize foldable handsets in their closed state, there is often no need to unfold the device for basic smartphone functions. Unfolding becomes necessary only when seeking enhanced multitasking or a tablet-like experience.

Handsets like the Oppo Find N and Pixel Fold have successfully avoided this problem. When folded, they resemble regular phones, which is the aesthetic that Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold devices should ideally adopt. Although the Fold 5 has resolved the screen gap issue when folded, the persistently tall aspect ratio remains a concern. If this aspect doesn’t align with your desired Fold experience, you have the option to explore competing alternatives or patiently await the arrival of the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Renowned Samsung leaker Ice Universe recently advised potential buyers to hold off on purchasing the Fold 5 and wait for the upcoming Fold 6. Responding to this statement, another leaker claimed that the Fold 6 would introduce a significant design change by altering the aspect ratio of the external display. If accurate, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 might feature a shorter or wider form compared to the Fold 5.

Additionally, the leaker mentioned that the Fold 6 would utilize the same image sensor as its predecessor, the Fold 5. Although this might not be a negative aspect, further details are yet to emerge.

The source of Tech_Reve’s information remains uncertain. However, the leaker previously mentioned that the Fold 5 could potentially be slightly cheaper than its predecessor, the Fold 4. If you can overlook the unconventional aspect ratio, this could serve as a compelling reason to consider purchasing the Fold 5.

Despite the aspect ratio concerns, the Fold 5 is still expected to be an exceptional Android flagship, boasting high-end specifications akin to the Galaxy S23 series. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the Fold 5 will likely be pricier than most traditional smartphones, even after potential price reductions.

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