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Experience The Future of Video Chats with ChatGPT-Powered Digital Avatar a Free iPhone App

Engaging, enlightening, and at times, even unnerving, chatting with an AI chatbot is undeniably an intriguing experience. However, it remains limited to text on a screen. But what if you could converse with a virtual assistant that could respond verbally, powered by the same advanced language models? Call Annie, the AI friend app, utilizing ChatGPT, offers just that.

ChatGPT becomes an Artificial companion using the Call Annie app

The virtual AI assistant, available through both web and phone call at 640-225-5726, offers a great experience, but the iOS app is where you will find the complete package.

The Call Annie app is accessible for free on the App Store, and its interface presents a virtual female avatar generated by Midjourney. Once you tap the “Call Annie” button, Annie will kick off the conversation by asking you a question. You can either engage in a casual chat with Annie or ask her something specific. As long as you desire to converse, Annie will continue to respond to your queries and requests.

The app’s developers have explained that Annie can act as a tutor, offering lessons on various subjects, aid in problem-solving and interview preparation, providing itineraries for your upcoming travels, or just lend an ear for you to vent about your day.

While it is evident that Annie is not a real person, the AI’s swift response time combined with the avatar’s reasonably realistic facial movements as it both listens and speaks, creates a surprisingly human-like presence.

According to the App Store listing, Call Annie is supported by Apple’s Neural Engine. This means that the AI video call feature is only compatible with iPhone 12 and newer models. If you are using an older iPhone, audio calls will work, but video calls will not be supported.

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