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Guide to the Crystal-Encased Chest in WoW Dragonflight

Welcome to our guide on how to unlock the Crystal-Encased Chest in WoW Dragonflight, an exciting addition to the new Zaralek Cavern content. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the ninth expansion pack of the immensely popular MMORPG, follows the success of the previous expansion, Shadowlands. Released on November 28, 2022, Dragonflight has garnered immense enthusiasm from the gaming community since its announcement in April 2022.

Among the notable features in Dragonflight is the raised level cap, allowing players to progress from level 60 to 70. Alongside this, the expansion introduces a revamped user interface and talent tree system, presenting two branches that grant players greater freedom and choices for character customization. With the latest patch, Patch 10.1, the newly unveiled Zaralek Cavern holds a wealth of intriguing content.

An integral part of this content is the Crystal-Encased Chest, a coveted treasure hidden within the depths of the cavern. To access it, adventurers must navigate the treacherous underground realm, confronting formidable monsters along the way. Eager to unveil the secrets of the Crystal-Encased Chest? Follow our guide as we unravel the steps to open it in WoW Dragonflight.

How to Unlock a Crystal-Encased Chest in WoW Dragonflight

If you’re venturing into the challenging Zaralek Cavern in WoW Dragonflight, you’ll discover a multitude of chests, each with its own set of requirements to unlock the rewards they hold. Among these chests, the Crystal-Encased Chest stands out as a particularly intriguing one, presenting players with a puzzle to solve. While puzzles may seem daunting to some, fear not! The solution to this puzzle is surprisingly straightforward.

To begin your quest for the Crystal-Encased Chest, venture to the Viridian Throne area in Glimmerogg. The exact coordinates for this location are 36.43, 74.26. Keep your eyes peeled for a unique stone structure resembling two interlocking stone hands. Spotting this structure can prove challenging if you’re not actively searching, but be on the lookout for a nearby waterfall as a helpful landmark to guide your way.

Now that you’ve successfully located the Crystal-Encased Chest, the true test awaits you. Merely finding the chest is not sufficient; you must also seek out two elusive Attunement Crystals that are cleverly concealed. These crystals are positioned atop towering stone pillars in close proximity to the chest.

Keep a keen eye as you explore the area surrounding the chest. Look for the tall stone pillars that house the Attunement Crystals. Their heights may make them appear unattainable at first, but with careful observation and a touch of ingenuity, you’ll uncover the means to access them.

What locations are the Attunement Crystals in?

As you embark on the quest to unlock the Crystal-Encased Chest, the first Attunement Crystal, known as the Purple Crystal, awaits your discovery. You’ll find it positioned at the coordinates 37.71 and 68.87. Once you’ve successfully located the Purple Crystal, it’s time to confront the next challenge: locating the Yellow Crystal. This particular crystal can be found in close proximity to the coordinates 39.41, 73.32. These precise coordinates will guide you to the exact whereabouts of both Attunement Crystals.

With the Attunement Crystals in your possession, you now face the final hurdle—activating them. Approach each crystal and interact with it to trigger its activation. Once you’ve successfully activated both crystals, make your way back to the Crystal-Encased Chest. As you perform the correct sequence of actions, the chest will undergo a remarkable transformation, shedding its stony exterior. Once the transformation is complete, the chest is ready for you to unlock and claim your well-deserved rewards.


Congratulations! You now possess the knowledge required to obtain and unlock the Crystal-Encased Chest in WoW Dragonflight. Although this endeavor involves multiple interconnected objectives, they seamlessly tie together. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide, you’ll swiftly accomplish the task in a matter of minutes. While opening the Crystal-Encased Chest may initially present a challenge, with the correct approach, you’ll breeze through it effortlessly. We trust that this guide has proven valuable in your pursuit of the coveted Crystal-Encased Chest. Best of luck on your adventures!

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