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The most recent video game adaptation to receive a new live-action film is Street Fighter

A new film in the Street Fighter series is forthcoming.

On Wednesday, Capcom announced that it is producing the movie alongside Legendary Entertainment and promised “more news to come in the future” regarding the venture.

The new movie isn’t entirely unexpected.

The Hollywood Reporter stated on April 3 that Legendary had purchased the series’ film and TV rights.

But we now have formal confirmation that a new film will be released at some point in the future.

You might also want to catch up on the other Street Fighter films that have been released while you wait:

For instance, Ral Juliá’s M. Bison in the 1994 Street Fighter movie spoke the now-famous phrase, “But for me, it was Tuesday.”

The June 2nd debut of the next big Street Fighter game, Street Fighter 6, and the announcement of this new Street Fighter movie coincide perfectly.
We can only hope that the movie will borrow some of the sleek design from the game.
Capcom is the most recent publisher to release a non-game adaptation of one of its games, joining Nintendo with the Mario movie, PlayStation with The Last of Us on HBO, and the impending Gran Turismo movie.

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