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How BioWare Lost Its Love for Writing: Insights from a Dragon Age Inquisition Developer

David Gaider, the writer behind popular video game franchises like Dragon Age and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, has recently spoken out about his experience working in the gaming industry. Gaider, who has also worked on titles like Baldur’s Gate and Anthem, has criticized his former employer, BioWare, for their treatment of writers.

In particular, Gaider claims that BioWare had “turned” into a company that “quietly resented” its writers. Despite his contributions to the company as a writer across the entire Dragon Age series, including Dragon Age 2, Origins, and Inquisition, he believes that writing is an undervalued skill in the video game industry.

Currently, BioWare is focusing on the development of Dragon Age 4, with the official title of “Dreadwolf.” As the studio works towards the game’s release, it will be interesting to see how they address the concerns raised by Gaider and other writers in the industry.

According to David Gaider, an experienced video game writer who has worked on popular titles such as Dragon Age and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, writing is a discipline that is often undervalued in the industry. He notes that some individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in gaming may view writing as a fallback option, mistakenly believing that it requires less skill than other roles like art or programming.

Gaider goes on to discuss his experiences working at BioWare, a company known for its focus on storytelling and memorable characters. However, he claims that over time, BioWare shifted its approach to writing, leading to an environment where writers were quietly resented and narrative was seen as a burden on the company’s success. This shift stands in stark contrast to BioWare’s reputation for valuing its writers and placing a strong emphasis on storytelling in its games.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it’s important to recognize the crucial role that writers play in creating engaging and immersive gaming experiences. By valuing the skills and contributions of writers, game developers can ensure that narrative remains an integral part of the gaming experience and continues to captivate audiences around the world.

David Gaider, a renowned video game writer, has expressed his concern about the approach to writing at BioWare, the company behind games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Gaider claims that there was a shift in attitude at the company, leading to a situation where writers were undervalued and narrative was seen as a burden rather than an asset.

Gaider believes that this shift was evident up until he left the company in 2016 when he claims that the focus was on reducing the amount of writing needed for games, rather than valuing the contributions of writers and prioritizing narrative. He suggests that this approach to writing is misguided and ultimately harms the overall quality of the gaming experience.

BioWare is currently working on Dragon Age 4, which is officially titled “Dreadwolf.” While there were rumors that the game would be multiplayer, these have since been debunked. The game is expected to feature new regions to explore and will likely focus on the character Solas following the events of the Inquisition and the Trespasser DLC.

Despite the concerns raised by Gaider, fans of the Dragon Age franchise can still look forward to the upcoming release of Dreadwolf. For those interested in exploring other sandbox games or upcoming titles, there are plenty of options available on PC.

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