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Meta Name Their Next Headset the Quest 3

If you had any doubts about Meta naming their upcoming headset the Quest 3, it’s time to embrace reality.

According to Upload VR, the highly anticipated Quest 3 has unexpectedly appeared as a supported device for all VR apps in the Quest Store. This revelation comes as a surprise, considering Meta’s expected timeline for announcing and launching their next-generation consumer headset, which is likely to be later this year. But here it is, unmistakably the Quest 3.

It’s no surprise that the upcoming headset will be named the Quest 3, considering Meta’s previous naming conventions with the Quest and Quest 2. It’s worth noting that Meta also has the Quest Pro, which caters to professional users and businesses. However, the Quest 3 is expected to be priced significantly lower than the Quest Pro’s $999 price tag, likely around half the cost.

Interestingly, the leak coincides with Meta’s announcement of the latest operating system update for their headsets. The update introduces the ability to customize the skybox in your virtual home environment, allowing users to create their desired living space, whether it’s a cozy moonlit cabin or an otherworldly planet. Users can even upload their own custom skyboxes. Additionally, Meta is incorporating notifications for 2D apps like Messenger, displaying sender information and message text for enhanced convenience.

While the anticipation for the Quest 3 is high, many are eagerly awaiting Apple’s unveiling at WWDC in June. Apple is expected to introduce its own mixed-reality headset, posing a significant challenge to Meta’s dominance in the market. As an existing Quest 2 user, the author expresses their excitement but admits to considering a potential switch if Apple enters the space. However, the rumored price point of over $3,000 for the Apple headset might keep them with the Quest for the time being.

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