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The Accidental Inclusion of Call of Duty’s Most Iconic Map

It has come to light that Call of Duty’s most iconic map was unintentionally included in the FPS game. Despite our nostalgic attachment to a particular map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in the late 2000s, Infinity Ward, the developer, recently revealed that they had intended to remove the map before the release of CoD 4. However, due to an oversight, it ended up staying in the game.

Among the vast array of Call of Duty maps, it’s safe to assume that Shipment from the original 2007 Modern Warfare holds a special place for many players. It’s tight corners and cramped shipping containers create an atmosphere of intensity and chaos, making it one of the most memorable and thrilling maps in the CoD series. Additionally, Shipment has made appearances in several subsequent Call of Duty games since Modern Warfare.

Interestingly, it turns out that Shipment was never intended to be a part of the initial release of Modern Warfare in its current form. This revelation was shared by Geoff Smith, the multiplayer design director at Infinity Ward, who described it as an unexpected outcome of their development process and referred to it as a “bane” that has plagued him.

As it turns out, Shipment originally began as a “split-screen map, back when that was a thing,” as revealed by Geoff Smith. It found its way into the “playlist script” of Modern Warfare during Infinity Ward’s internal testing phase.

Regrettably, when the game went live, the lead multiplayer designer forgot to remove Shipment, and there was no way to undo the inclusion. Thus, Call of Duty’s most iconic map became an integral part of the game purely by accident, solidifying its place in history.

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