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Unleashing Creativity: Microsoft Teams Introduces an Array of Captivating New Backgrounds

If you’ve been yearning for more diverse background options in Microsoft Teams, your wish has been granted. In an exciting blog post, Microsoft announced the release of a plethora of fresh background choices for Teams, their formidable competitor to Slack. This update is hailed as the most comprehensive since the initial collection debuted in 2020.

The newly introduced backgrounds exemplify Teams’ unwavering commitment to fostering individual expression while addressing the pressing concerns of today’s workforce: collaboration, well-being, productivity, and focus. Meticulously designed, each background is tailored to instill confidence in users as they activate their cameras, enabling seamless connection and collaboration within an environment that caters to their personal preferences and unique style.

According to Sven Seger, Global Creative Director for Microsoft, the aim behind the introduction of these new backgrounds is to create a sense of comfort and familiarity, akin to being at home. Recognizing that “home” means different things to different people, Microsoft’s objective was not to depict a specific physical location but to evoke a feeling—a presence that exudes tranquility, beauty, and the freedom to express individuality within an imagined space.

To ensure inclusivity and relevance, the revamped visual library for Teams showcases all-new imagery that resonates with users and enhances their productivity. Notably, Microsoft observed that users display equal enthusiasm for imaginative and whimsical scenes as they do for realistic environments like offices, coworking spaces, or homes. By thoroughly analyzing user requirements and various meeting scenarios, the Teams team meticulously organized the new backgrounds into six distinct categories.

As of today, these captivating backgrounds are readily available for use. Take a moment to explore them; you may find them considerably more captivating and engaging than the actual backdrop behind you during your video calls.

While Microsoft is introducing new features to Teams, Google is also expanding its testing program for upcoming generative AI features in Google Docs and Gmail.

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