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BattleBit: The Rising Challenger to Battlefield’s Throne

BattleBit, the new multiplayer FPS game, is quickly gaining momentum and posing a significant challenge to EA’s dominance in the gaming industry. Following its recent release on Steam, the Battlefield-like game has achieved a remarkable milestone, solidifying its position in the market. With a growing player base, BattleBit is poised to establish its unique identity and further enhance its success.

In an impressive feat, BattleBit Remastered has surpassed notable titles such as CSGO and Starfield on Steam, capturing the attention of gamers worldwide. The game’s concurrent player count reached an astonishing milestone on Sunday, June 18, exceeding 50,000 players. This remarkable surge follows a steady rise since its launch on Thursday, June 15, when the player count stood just shy of 30,000. If you’re new to the game, make sure to consult our comprehensive BattleBit guns tier list to enhance your preparedness—after all, being well-equipped never hurts.

In a statement released by the BattleBit team while commemorating their milestone, they emphasized that their intention is not to criticize or target any other game or studio. They acknowledged that many games have enjoyed successful launches and high concurrency, and their focus remains on delivering an enjoyable gaming experience to their players.

For those who haven’t yet tried BattleBit, it’s evident that the multiplayer game draws inspiration from EA’s Battlefield series. With features like 254-player servers, destructible environments, and levolution mechanics, BattleBit aims to provide a comparable experience to its Battlefield counterpart.

While BattleBit is still in its early stages, and the average player count is expected to stabilize over time, it’s intriguing to observe its positioning on Steam in relation to the Battlefield series, given the similarities between the two games.

Indeed, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges faced by Battlefield 2042 during its initial launch. The game debuted with approximately 100,000 concurrent players on Steam, but experienced a significant decline to around 50,000 within a week. Since then, it has consistently remained below 25,000 concurrent players, with occasional spikes.

While it’s worth noting that these figures reflect only the Steam player base, BattleBit’s strong start becomes even more impressive when compared to the most recent Battlefield installment. Within a few days of release, BattleBit managed to accumulate half of the concurrent player numbers achieved by Battlefield 2042, despite the latter experiencing a rapid and steep decline. The future sustainability of BattleBit’s success, however, remains uncertain and can only be determined with the passage of time.

For those curious about BattleBit’s pricing, it’s essential to mention that the game’s cost is available for exploration. Additionally, if you prefer using a controller over a mouse and keyboard setup, we have you covered with information on how to fix BattleBit controller support. Furthermore, we provide crucial details on BattleBit system requirements, ensuring you have the necessary specifications to enjoy the game seamlessly.

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