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International Space Station Gracefully Transits the Sun Amidst Astronaut Spacewalk

The International Space Station never fails to captivate, not just with its astronaut missions but also through the breathtaking photographs taken by astrophotographers. Recently, a remarkable video emerged showcasing the station gliding gracefully in front of three magnificent sunspots while basking in the radiant glow of sunlight.

In a remarkable coincidence, astronauts Steve Bowen and Woody Hoburg embarked on a spacewalk aboard the International Space Station earlier this week, successfully installing a set of iROSA solar panels. Meanwhile, astrophotographer Theirry Legault, ever ready to seize such extraordinary moments, swiftly packed up his gear and embarked on a six-hour journey to a picturesque location in the Netherlands. There, just one hour after the commencement of the spacewalk, Legault skillfully captured the ISS in transit against the backdrop of the sun, immortalizing the captivating scene.

Although the video and photos shared by Legault on Facebook and Twitter create the illusion of the International Space Station (ISS) being in close proximity to the sun, it’s essential to remember that the station is actually positioned a staggering 93 million miles away from our star. Orbiting a mere 250 miles above Earth, the ISS manages to capture these awe-inspiring perspectives. While some might dismiss these incredible shots as mere luck, Legault insists that meticulous planning and favorable weather conditions play a significant role.

Legault explains his method, stating that he used real-time images of the sun to estimate the positions of the prominent sunspot groups in relation to the vertical and horizontal directions. By comparing planned trajectories with others, he strategically positioned himself along the visibility path for capturing such a remarkable moment. The result is a mesmerizing video of the ISS that speaks for itself.

Over time, we have witnessed other remarkable captures of the ISS in iconic positions, such as passing in front of the sun, appearing as a silhouette against the backdrop of our solar system’s radiant star. This latest video serves as a powerful reminder of the sheer beauty found even in the smallest cosmic phenomena.

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