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Capcom’s Potential Revival of the Most Deserving Resident Evil Game

All the Resident Evil games have a certain eccentricity to them, even the more serious-looking remakes often have a whimsical element. However, it is precisely this distinctive quality that makes these horror games so exceptional. That’s why many of us, the fans, are eager to see more of the classic Resident Evil games being remastered, even beyond the main numbered entries. And it seems that Capcom has heard our pleas.

During Capcom’s 44th annual shareholder’s meeting held earlier this year on Tuesday, June 20, some intriguing questions were raised regarding various intellectual properties, including a particularly interesting one about Resident Evil.

A shareholder asked, “Will you be creating high-end visual remakes exclusively for the main numbered entries in the Resident Evil series?” This question aligns with inquiries posed by Capcom to Resident Evil fans themselves.

Capcom’s response was initially straightforward, stating, “We are currently engaged in discussions regarding the future expansion of this series in order to cater to a wider audience.” However, this seemingly innocuous response carries more significance than meets the eye.

Since the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019, Capcom has been systematically remaking the classic numbered entries, using the mechanics and core gameplay from Leon’s adventure in Raccoon City as a foundation. Naturally, one would assume that Resident Evil 5 and 6 would follow this year’s Resident Evil 4 remake. However, the shareholder’s question hints at a game in dire need of a revamp: Resident Evil Code Veronica.

Initially intended as the true Resident Evil 3, this spin-off not only continues Claire Redfield’s quest to find her brother Chris, as seen in RE2, but it also delves deep into the history of the Ashford family, one of Umbrella Corporation’s co-founders.

In my opinion, either Resident Evil 5 or Code Veronica would be logical choices for the next remakes in the series. Since these remakes have been incorporating minor retcons and expanding the lore of the Resident Evil universe, it makes sense to utilize Code Veronica as a pivotal point to tie everything together.

I believe that games like Resident Evil 5, 6, and Code Veronica will eventually receive the remake treatment. Furthermore, I think Capcom deliberately left the very first game in the dark, saving it for a later revamp.

My speculation is that once all the expanded lore has been incorporated into these remakes, Capcom will revisit where it all began—the Spencer Mansion—and give it the grand finale it deserves. They will not only create the best possible version of a Resident Evil 1 remake but also establish a direct link between the lore of games like Resident Evil 8 and the origins of the series.

The Capcom Q&A session provides intriguing insights into the future plans of the developer behind Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Mega Man (as reported by GamesRadar).

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