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League of Legends Quick Play: Temporarily Postponed, But Not for Long

Following significant alterations to the League of Legends ranked system, the introduction of the Quick Play mode had to be put on hold temporarily. However, as the dust settles after a whirlwind of extensive changes, League of Legends Quick Play mode is back in the spotlight and is expected to be released soon.

The recent period has been quite eventful for League of Legends players. With major adjustments to the ranked system and recurring concerns surrounding Yuumi, Summoner’s Rift finds itself in a somewhat peculiar state.

Some matches have been surprisingly swift, lasting around 20 minutes, while others seem to stretch endlessly, lasting well over an hour. While the exchange of playful banter with my trusted bot lane ally is part of the experience (albeit affectionate), I’ve found myself longing for the much-anticipated Quick Play mode, rumored to shorten match durations.

Although updates regarding Quick Play have been scarce since its initial announcement, Chris ‘Auberaun’ Roberts, the lead producer for League of Legends on game loop, has provided a hint that it will be released before the year’s end.

According to his statement, the intention was to launch Quick Play prior to the midyear patch. However, due to the need to shift focus towards Emerald and other aspects of ranked split two, they were unable to complete it in time. Nevertheless, they intend to resume work on Quick Play shortly and have a plan to release it later this year.

League of Legends fans have long been requesting new game modes, and while the upcoming 2v2v2v2 mode holds excitement, Quick Play is anticipated to have a more significant impact on the overall game experience.

When Quick Play was introduced to Valorant, it completely transformed my gaming experience. It allowed me to jump in, engage in a few rounds of intense action, and then move on without feeling like I had devoted my entire evening to a single game. Unfortunately, with League of Legends, as it stands now, I find myself only able to play one or two games before needing to prioritize sleep.

However, if you happen to be one of those dedicated individuals who can forego sleep and prefer to grind ranked matches, I recommend checking out our LoL tier list to ensure you’re selecting the most effective champions. Additionally, you can explore our breakdown of the current offerings in the League of Legends Mythic shop, which personally consumes a significant portion of my browsing time.

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